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Jimmy Jatt, Terry G in peace meeting

By Daniel Anazia
11 June 2016   |   1:22 am
According to him, he was angry and emotional at the same time, adding that the crowd complained about the DJ’s behaviour.

Apologised For His
Dismal Conduct

Following his dismal conduct on Saturday, June 5, and subsequent ban of his songs or any song that he featured in by the Deejays Association of Nigeria (DJAN), controversial singer, Gabriel Amanyi well known as Terry G, has apologised to DJ Jimmy Jatt reportedly slapping his protégé, DJ Phriz, who was holding down for him at MC Bash’s comedy show, D’Good, D’Bad & D’Funny, which held at the Shell Hall of Muson Centre, Onikan Lagos.

As a follow-up to the drama, the ‘Apako’ master in a video released online was seen holding a peace cum apology meeting with the respected DJ Jimmy Jatt, admitted he got emotional about the entire scenario which played out while he was on the stage, but said he felt DJ Phriz’s attitude was a slap on his face, as he had put so much into his art to be rubbished, stressing that Phriz stopped his song to play another artiste song while he was still performing.

He said, “I know I have fallen short of the glory of the industry; I know I have made a huge mistake and it may quite be difficult for a lot people to forgive me, but at the same time these mistakes we call accidental. It was never planned and I’m really sorry about the whole incident; I’m very sure it will never occur again.”

According to him, he was angry and emotional at the same time, adding that the crowd complained about the DJ’s behaviour. “I guess that is why I did what I did because it can happen to anybody. It was an accidental issue that triggered my anger, but nevertheless, it shouldn’t have pushed me to such extent. I’m really sorry, and from the depth of my heart I’m very sorry,” he added.

Reacting on the incident and apology, DJ Jimmy Jatt, said he is trapped in the midst of the whole thing, saying that he is at the peace meeting in three capacities — first as Jimmy Jatt; second as the person that positioned the DJ on the night, because the boy in question is his protégé and he lives with him; so it’s his responsibility to stand for him, and as a strong member of the Deejays Association of Nigeria.

He also stated that he was attending the apology meeting as brother-father figure to Terry G. “So I’m kind of tied up in the midst of the whole thing. In terms of dealing with the whole aspect, I have to come from every angle. It is expected of me to stand up for a boy I put in a position where the incident happened, it is also important that I stand up for a DJ that was unfortunately around to get a treatment like that, and it is important that I stand up for an artiste that I have known for years, know his story even before he began making music,” Jatt said.

He adds, “From what I know of him (Terry G), he is not a disrespectful person. If the matter had nothing to do with me and they were to speak to one or two person about Terry G, about what they know of him and the kind of person he is, I think I will be one of the people that will speak. So for me it was shocking, and I’m like this is not Terry G.

“I was initially really very bitter, but after the demand that was requested and Terry G being the usual Terry, did not hesitate in rendering the public apology which I demanded at the time, I realised that this is somebody that have slept over the issue and has realised that he made a mistake. Nobody is above a mistake in life and that for me is a right step in the right direction. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that it has become a national issue via the Deejays Association of Nigeria, and they have taken their own stand.”

Jatt, promised to use his personality and position as well knowledge and relationship with two people involved, which is the DJ, the artiste and himself to appeal to the Association to probably look into the measures they may have taken, appreciate the fact that they are artiste, and have realised their mistakes.

He noted that as Christians or Muslims, once you ask for forgiveness, you move on, stressing that forgiveness is the key thing, and from his own side he can conveniently say that whatever bitterness he had been nursing have been completely erased, and promised to extend the forgiveness campaign to the Deejay Association so that the same level of forgiveness and understanding will be extended.

“Like said, to err is human; it is an unfortunate incident, but of course it is not the worst thing that has happened in life. It’s sad that I granted the boy a few days leave and he is actually out of Lagos, but he actually stay here with me; hopefully, I will definitely extend your apologies to him,” Jatt added.

Weekend Beat gathered that the Deejays’ umbrella body in a bid to avenge one of their own and register their displeasure, sent out a circular to all Deejays in the country to stop playing all of the ‘ginger the swagger’ exponent songs as well as songs that featured him. The action it was learned was taken to serve as deterrence to the singer as well as other music acts, who might want to exhibit similar action in future.

Though ‘bell ringer’ may have apologised, his apology is yet to be communicated to and accepted by DJAN, as the body had in a statement signed by its National Secretary, Sebastian Ikpoza aka DJ Desert Storm, stated that the ban on Terry G’s songs is indefinite and will hold till the Association finally decide on the next step to take.

“The Deejays Association of Nigeria hereby place an embargo on all songs of Terry G, audio and video (including songs he featured in) indefinitely in all events, lounges, bar, radio and every other spot where it is the duty of a DJ to play music Nationwide,” the statement read.

It was also gathered that Association was looking at the option of instituting a legal action against dreadlock singer, but after wide consultations and deliberations, the decision was been put on hold.

Terry G, who became a household name in 2009 after the release of his monster hit, Free Madness, has been involved in one controversy to the other.

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