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Joke Silva, Kalu Ikeagwu, Rita Dominic star in ‘Light In The Dark’

By Daniel Anazia
01 April 2017   |   3:25 am
Domestic violence issue no doubt is gaining more attention by the day in the public space, even as film makers are harping on the subject to drive home the ills of the matter.

Mannie (left); Rita Dominic, Ekene Som Mekunye, Joke Silva Jacob and Charles O’Tudor

Domestic violence issue no doubt is gaining more attention by the day in the public space, even as film makers are harping on the subject to drive home the ills of the matter.

With the unveiling of Light in The Dark, a new movie by filmmaker, Ekene Som Mekwunye, it is hope that victims and the society at large will see need to collective find a solution to the issue.

The movie is the story of a couple, Emeka and Jumoke, who despite the advise of their parents to marry from their tribes, allowed love to prevailed. They have been married for 10 years and have a nine-year-old daughter, who they love dearly.

Jumoke have been trying hard to have another child and hope it would be a boy to appease Emeka’s family that places emphasis on a male child. A gang attacks them one night and the gang leader decides to rape Jumoke.

When they refused, the gang leader decides that he would rape their daughter instead. Emeka is at a dilemma at this point. Jumoke finally agrees and this tears their world apart after. It finally gets tougher as she finds out she is pregnant weeks after.

Speaking at media briefing in Lagos, Mekwunye said, “With the film, we are trying to showcase the effects of rape, what it does to women and more importantly, how best victims can handle it. We take a look at the issue from a slightly different angle in this film as we see what happens when a married woman is raped in front of her family.

“The film also shows a little of the friction in inter-tribal marriages and the way men look at issue in such marriages. This film, we hope would be a tool to draw awareness of scourge to a lot of ladies in Africa as well as look at how it affects families when it happens to married women,” he added.

According to Mekwunye, the film is a drama feature film that has a compelling story that would hold the viewers’ spellbound, adding that the story is accompanied by great acting, delivered by seasoned and known actors, and strong cinematic directing.

Brand specialist, Charles O’Tudor described the movie as one that will keep the viewer’s spellbound, adding that there are several opportunities inherent for brands to take advantage of in the movie.

“Films have become a very powerful tool in today’s world and one of the strongest teaching tools too. It is also used as a tool of influence. There are several scenes in this movie that corporate organisations can jump at and communicate with their audience. From bedroom scenes to kitchen, bar, hospitals and lots of others. This is one of the ways brands can communicate effortlessly with their audience,” he said.

The movie parades top actors including Joke Silva, Kalu Ikeagwu, Rita Dominic, Ngozi Nwosu, Kiki Omeili, and Cool FM OAP, Mannie, among other stars, who played significant roles in the film shot to discourage rape and how best to integrate the victims back into the society.

Mekwunye is a multiple award filmmaker with strong interest in photography and teaching. His short film titled Oblivious was awarded the winner of Best Short Film in Africa at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) in 2015.

The movie was also nominated for awards at the Africa International Films Festival (AFRIFF), Africa Movies Academy Awards (AMAA), and different film Festival across the world.

Another of his film, The Encounter, which is set during the Biafran war on an encounter with Gen. Ojukwu also won best Jury selected film at the African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) in November 2015 and got a review on the Newsweek magazine in Europe.

Mekunye has worked for Mnet on several projects, which include 53Extra, Jara and Channel O. He also worked for MTV as Project Coordinator for Shuga 3 before starting his own production company, Riverside Productions, which is responsible for creating shows like My Big Nigerian Wedding and has the rights for Nigeria to biggest Disc Jockey competition in the World, DMC world DJ championship.