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Keeping your bathroom safe


The thought of bathroom accidents will come off as a scary one for those who know how detrimental and sometimes fatal it could be. Therefore, there’s need to make a conscious effort to avoid it.

The bathroom is a place in the home where falls often happen. Particularly, older adults and people with medical problems are at risk of falling or tripping, which can result in broken bones or more serious injuries. So, making changes in your bathroom helps lower your risk of falling.

The first step to prevention would be to look out for the type of flooring in your bathroom. It is obvious that the most popular choice for bathrooms is tile. This is why it is imperative to make a conscious effort to procure slip resistance and waterproof tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, Vinyl tiles etc, as they are water resistant.


Water resistance should be a crucial feature in your bathroom, as the space is basically characterised with constant wetness and humidity.

Ceramic tiles flooring – Ceramic tiles are water-resistant that boast a practical protective layer such that is water and stains repellent. So, whether there are drops of water, soap or steams on your floor, ceramic tiles have the proof properties that resist all forms of slips that could happen as a result of liquid drops. They are also easy-to-clean as all you need to do is wipe or mop off liquids, dirt and stains effortlessly.

Porcelain tiles flooring – Due to the properties of porcelain tiles such as clays with finer particles fired at a higher temperature, which creates a harder, less porous surface, they are very durable and highly water resistant. Porcelain tiles are more brittle than other tiles.

Vinyl tiles flooring – Vinyl tiles are slip-resistant and waterproof. They feature a textured surface that provides effective traction. However, while it is necessary to look out for waterproof and slip resistant flooring for your bathroom, it is imperative to ensure that irrespective the type of flooring your bathroom is made up of, ensure to lay fluffy and water absorbing small area rugs and foot mats at traffic sections of your bathroom.

Also for those who use bathtub, ensure to install bathtub mat in your bathtub as well as the regular anti-slip mat, foot mat, or area rug right in front of your bathtub, such that as you step out of it after your shower, you step directly on the mat to absorb waters from your legs.


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