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Keeping your home safe in relaxed lockdown


Just because the lockdown has been relaxed for curfew in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun states doesn’t mean you can have people go in and out of your home in the name of courtesy or social visiting.

Absolutely not! The pandemic is still out there and if anything, it is more threatening than ever with optimum threat of widespread devastation now that the lockdown is relaxed and everyone is out on the street. After all, the virus is not written on the face, neither does it have any severe physical symptoms until it gets to the incubation period where an infected person have difficulty breathing.

So it is time to employ extra caution, as a number of people now leave the safety nest of their homes for work in order to make a livelihood. However, you shouldn’t forget that livelihood is only obtainable for the healthy and alive, which is why everyone needs to take all safety measures of social distancing and wearing of face mask while out there seriously, and shun unnecessary social visitors in your home as you cannot really tell where they have been to, their adherence to preventive measures, and their health status.


In other words, if you want to maintain safety in your home, keep it together with only immediate family members while you reach out to friends, colleagues and extended family members via phone or other communicating accessories and platform.

How to ensure safety despite relaxed lockdown
. First, you need to make a conscious effort to weigh your pros and cons and make certain that you can consciously and cautiously in utmost consistency maintain at least 3meters distance from everyone you come in contact with outside your home.
. Use your sanitiser regularly, especially after touching any object.
. Everyone at this stage now knows the severity of Coronavirus, even children. You have no reason to feel compelled in the name of courtesy, to stretch out your hands for shake, or even attempt elbow contacting. You must at this point maintain optimum social distancing as much as possible. You have no reason to body contact with friends or colleagues outside your family members at home, elbow or not.
. If you don’t have any reason to be outside your home, especially on weekends, stay at home.
. No, you still cannot do hangout at bars or restaurants with colleagues or friends after work; you should go home immediately after work, as curfew commences from 8pm till 6am.
. Wash your hands at your entrance running washbasin before even touching your door. But if you don’t have a washbasin at your door entrance, ensure to use your hand sanitiser before touching your door or ringing the bell.
. Do not warm-up or hug your children or spouse at home when you step in, rather hit the shower for a warm detoxing bath, and drop your clothes at the laundry for immediate wash. Finally, sanitise every nook and cranny of your home regularly and ensure to keep your home safe all the way.


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