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La Campagne Tropicana excites tourists with afrocentric innovations

By Chuks Nwanne
29 June 2019   |   4:20 am
Over the years, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ikegu Village, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, has focused on presenting African hospitality and culture in a cosmopolitan manner.

A view of Simi Rimi

Over the years, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Ikegu Village, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, has focused on presenting African hospitality and culture in a cosmopolitan manner. The resort, which boasts of a clean beach, lagoon and mangrove forest, provides visitors with the opportunity to observe, at close quarters, a wide variety of tropical flora and fauna, including snake trees, mangroves, various species of epiphytes, monkeys, squirrels, bats, and various species of birds such as kingfishers, sea hawks, egrets and ducks.

At the resort, tourist can explore the mangrove forest, play, bond with families and team members, go fishing in the lagoon or do nothing but relax sandwiched in between the warm sands on the beach. The resort is ideal for honeymoons, corporate retreats and conferences, family getaways, getaways, destination proposals and weddings.

Just recently, the resort opened the longest swimming pool ever. Created by the beachfront, which is 120 metres with six bars, the record-breaking creation planted at La Campagne Tropicana is the brainchild of Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye, President of the Resort and promoter of Motherland Beckons.

Apart from being the longest, the pool was constructed within the space of 14 days, with 14 workers, who worked on it 14 hours of each day; an eventful project indeed.

In what seems like a strategic move to keep reinventing itself, the management of the resort has added three new innovations to its facilities. These include the first ever to be created floating bed on the water known as Simi Rimi (Rest on water) in local parlance, Transparent Kayak and Wooden Floating Jetty.

For the African themed resort, there’s no end to its creativity ferment, as Akinboboye owned resort has continued on regular intervals to entertain and treat guests and visitors to the resort, to an amazing and elegantly curated facilities of world class standard.

The point to be noted here, which for many of the patrons of the resort, is the ability of Akinboboye and his creative team, to effortlessly put into good use local materials anyone would never imbue with such beauty and utility, into functional items. All nicely and neatly fitted, exuding an alluring and fascinating ambience.

These new creations are nothing short of the enduring tradition of the resort, which has set it apart from others in it over three decades of existence. This uniqueness, which is a devotion to promotion of Africa culture and traditional heritage through a colourful mix of motifs, has indeed been acknowledged across the divide through the various awards and recognitions that it has earned as well.

Simi Rimi is a beauty to behold and experience as it is aesthetically set up and laid with fascinating colours. It is a floating bed on the lagoon waters that is creatively put together (with the use of waste materials) and all covered with an opening, thereby ensuring privacy for the occupant (s). One of the most exciting features of this new creation is the fact that it allows you to savour the bliss of nature unhindered.

It also allows for temporary relaxation on water while some of the other activities you could carry out include reading, holding private section and romantic moment. A fully serviced floating bed, with all necessities and supplies provided, it has a butler at your call and a talking drum to attract the attention of the butler when the need arises.

“For sure, your security is guaranteed at every point as within the distance is a boat with a life guard watching over you,” Akinboboye said.

The second creation is a floating jetty that is made from used rubber jerry cans. The serviceable jetty is a reflection of creating wealth from waste as all materials are locally used materials.

The third development at the resort is the introduction of the transparent kayaks, which is also known as Ocean OC2. The resort is the first in Nigeria to take delivery of this facility, signaling a new dawn for lovers of water sports.

The new facility, which can feature in both ocean and river, are used for use by all ages and could be deployed to many uses on the water, such as romantic ride and cosy moment. Some of the features include stablisers, which provides stability thus making it impossible to overturn (capsize); Safety, making it secured and idea for use by children; Inflatable and comes with a practical bag, hence it is easy to carry everywhere you go; For intensive use (rentals) transparent PV protective films can be used to protect its hull; The hull can be customized; and Is comfortable and highly resistant to the elements.

Apart from deploying it to service guests at the resort, it is also on sales to people and organisations for their private use outside the resort.

Other recent creations at the resort, which has made it the envy of everyone are the Mud House Amoosan (mud is good), a chalet built of mud material with an indoor swimming pool; Omi Gaari Ijebu, a refreshing food drink exported from the traditional culture, which has gone extinct; and the longest swimming pool in the world, with its length put at 240 metres.