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Lawmakers on gun ownership ban


Judging from the number of motions, there is a consensus that insecurity has become a national problem and that this executive order only targets legal guns and there is none to address those with illegal guns. There are no statistics to show that the crimes perpetrated by licensed guns outweigh the number of crimes committed by unlicensed guns.”— Nnenna Elendu-Ukeje, PDP, Abia State.

“This issue was reported wildly about the intervention, but there has not been comment from the government. With that, it is safe to assume that the executive order was signed by the President. We should err on the side of caution. My problem is that this policy is of over intelligence; is there research that the killings are done by those licensed to hold gun? Those who kill are the only ones with illegal weapons, someone with legal weapon will not kill. Ninety-nine point nine per cent of people with legal weapon will not kill. Why would the President ban the ownership of weapons? Mr. President and security agencies should go after unlicensed gun. Criminals will not go for licenses because that will expose them. I think he (Buhari) should rescind that order and do everything possible to mop up illegal guns. This order does not have any purpose, it further incentivises criminals to have a field day.” — Edward Pwajok, PDP, Plateau State.

“The danger is that it will make all of us very vulnerable to attacks. We have communities where people with licensed guns provide security through vigilance services. That, to some extent, puts fear in the minds of hoodlums and secures the environment.” — Abubakar Chika, APC, Niger State.

“This executive order is to make everybody in Nigeria vulnerable. Are they saying people use them to kidnap or kill? No. It is the kidnappers and armed robbers that are using it without license.” — Alexander Adekola, Ekiti State.

“You cannot use an executive order to override a lawfully acquired weapon. If most of the weapons are being used illegally, it is for the security to go and tackle that; not for people who have theirs legally. I think that executive order, if it has been signed, should be overwritten.” — Simon Arabo, Kaduna State.

“The police control the use of guns. The question we must ask is, what is the requirement of issuing gun license? I have been victim of robbery. I have applied for a gun, and refused. I was asked to offer bribe. Why would some get, some would not. So people take guns without any procedure visible to all of us. If the police do not have a full regulations guiding ownership or acquisition of guns, then I will advise they be withdrawn. The procedure is wrong and because of that, the president is right to say they withdraw it. Let them come up with regulations. Let us have the regulations brought before the House.” — Mojeed Alabi, APC, Osun State.

“Majority of those who have licensed guns are well-to-do personalities. For instance, in a community where there are persons with legal guns, the moment hoodlums come close and they hear gunshots, they flee.”
— Sunday Adepoju, APC, Oyo State.

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