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LERA to provide uninterrupted power supply for Lekki residents by April 2020

By Maria Diamond
21 December 2019   |   2:13 am
Targeted towards community development, Lekki Peninsula Phase1 Residents Association (LERA), is set to provide 24/7 uninterrupted power supply for its community in April 2020, alongside new seamless Intra-Lekki Mass Transportation System....

Executive members of LERA and associates, during its 2019 Evening of Merriment at The Pavilion

• Plans Eradicating Long-Wait At Bus-Stops With New Transportation Project

Targeted towards community development, Lekki Peninsula Phase1 Residents Association (LERA), is set to provide 24/7 uninterrupted power supply for its community in April 2020, alongside new seamless Intra-Lekki Mass Transportation System that will take commuters into all the routes in the town, hereby eradicating long wait at the bus stop.

It is almost impossible to place a definition to Lagos, without citing Lekki, a melting-point for both high and low citizens, as one of the hearts of the City of Excellence. This is why LERA, during its 2019 evening of merriment, which held at The Pavilion, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase1, Lekki Lagos, last weekend, unveiled the two projects that will further maintain decorum and serenity in the community.

In his address, LERA President, Sir Kayode Otitoju said come April 2020, the uninterrupted power supply initiatives of LERA Power Committee would kick-start. “Also, the affordable seamless Intra-Lekki Mass Transportation System with proper routing and scheduling would be in place in Lekki Scheme 1. These buses will be neat, safe and professionally coordinated. The system will be programmed to forestall long waiting time at bus-stops.”

Otitoju, who further explained how the uninterrupted power supply project was initiated, said: “In April, we set up a power committee headed by Pa Theophilus Orji, a Chevron retiree. The terms of reference given to the committee was to see how Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC), can be reformed and give 24/7 power. Their findings, however, revealed that EKEDC does not have the wherewithal. So they decided we go for Independent Power Providers (IPP), because the EKEDC were not forthcoming in giving us premium status. The committee put up advert and six power providers companies showed interest and after interview, they were narrowed down to two.

“One of the two companies is already giving us power. The second company, which is in Ogun State, also has the capacity and we have done the due diligence. So when the two companies come together, they will give alternative power supply. Although EKDC is still communicating with us on the issue, as they have realised that we have alternative. So perhaps they can do some sort of preferential arrangement to still supply Lekki at least 22 hours power a day. So either way, all I am after is, by April 2020, anyone who has generator would only have it as standby, rather than the conventional electricity being the standby,” he said.

He continued: “For transportation, we have predetermined two companies that will handle our transportation; one of them had already done the routing of Lekki. They have already started the process of importation of the buses. They have brought the type of buses they will use to us. They have demonstrated how they will operate it in a profitable way that wouldn’t be too expensive for commuters either. It would be a network of line haul along the main road, Admiralty way, Durosimi-Etti way, and Freedom way.


“Those are the major routes. Then, there will be feeder routes that will feed other streets. Those ones will have the lower capacity buses that will have quick turnaround with 9-11 passengers, while the main buses will take between 30-40 passengers. It will be synchronised and coordinated in such a way that the waiting time at bus-stop will be less than two-minutes. Once that is in place, the entire nuisance constituted on the roads, especially by motorcyclists, will naturally evacuate the town, because Lekki will no longer be profitable for them.”

However, while giving the ideology behind the LERA evening of merriment, the Chairman said it recently occurred to him that God has been so kind to Lekki residents and in appreciation to the Almighty for His benevolence, the association thought it wise to appreciate and celebrate the two religious denominations in the community.

He said: “The idea is to appreciate the people who pray for us day and night in order to make things work. Lekki is a place of over 1065 hectares, there are over 40-estates within Lekki, so it’s a town on its own. And when we compiled the list of the denominations represented in Lekki, we realised it is a massive religious setting we have here. RCCG alone has eight parishes; we have the Catholic Church of Divine Mercy that has even expanded to Periwinkles Estate, All Saint Anglican Church, Mountain of Fire Miracles Ministries, Victory Sanctuary SDA Church, Icon of Grace, Deeper Life Christian Ministry, Dominion, Lekki Central Mosques, others. This is why this year’s celebration focus was shifted to the religious in our midst,” he enthused.

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