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Let the family wake up to a gift site on Christmas day


No, your home should not feel the same this festive season as it does every other day. It should be defined through the interior ambience of the home- whether it is the extra touch to an existing signature piece, or a newly-erected piece of paintings, flowers and decors here and there. However, while you’re at it, remember the importance of gifting to loved ones, and put those parcels together, one for each person, just because it’s Christmas.

The festive season doesn’t come often, and you will be amazed at how quickly it goes and never return until another 12-months time, which is why the only ambience that would stuck even after the season is gone, would be the gift site where everyone wakes up to on Christmas day.

Another ambience of importance that would radiate the kind of atmosphere peculiar to the festive seasoning would be from your kitchen to the dinning. It is not just about the food since you ensure to have good food on a daily basis anyway. But about the extra stylish details added to not just the food, but also the dinning where it is consumed.

Why the gift site is the ambience that defines the festive season
Gift giving is a tradition of the Christmas festivities. It is symbolic of the gifts presentation by the Three Wise Men to the infant Jesus Christ, a reminder of the reason for the season, which is the Almighty’s selfless gift to humanity. It represents love and no better way to show love than through gifting.

Ever wondered why just the sight of a wrapped parcel, regardless of what is inside or the worth, puts smiles on the faces of recipients? Gift speaks volume for love and care, and those two only bring happiness to love ones.

So whatever you do this season, to make it count, don’t lose sight of the actual reason for the season, love. Ensure everyone you love, wakes up on Christmas day to a deserving parcel tagged Merry Christmas!

Where you should mount your gift site
At the Christmas tree: It is the most appropriate site especially because the tree itself is symbolic to the season. So having everyone’s gift placed right at the tree is an enduring sight to behold, the kind that stays with you for a long time.On the dinning or centre table: This is a good place, too, especially because this season attracts people to the dinning. So having a dinning filled with gifts for the family, with a touch of flower and sophisticated candles wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

At the bedside stool: This is an intimate site for gifts, as it is solely targeted towards a loved one at a time. It is a one-on-one spot that attracts more emotions.

When to place your gifts at designated site
Everyone like surprises when it comes to gift, but beyond that, it is Christmas gifting and would be more appropriate for recipients to wake up to the act of love and care. This is why it is advisable to place everyone’s gift quietly at designated site, late Christmas Eve when recipients are far asleep, because nothing beats the mood of a home surprisingly filled with gifts for all on Christmas day. However, ensure to tag each person’s name on the gifts if yours is a big family. You don’t want a controversial scene to ruin the special mood of this festive season.

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