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Let’s Bring Back Respect


Rita okoyeEveryone is complaining. The social order of the world is changing and respect seems to be declining. But that doesn’t have to be the case. When you are a valuable girl, you respect yourself and respect others.
According to the dictionary, respect means a due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others. Let us look at the ways we can respect everybody.

Respect for Parents
I was always taught to respect my parents and I am sure that this is true for most people. They have done so much for me and even if they hadn’t, the fact that they are my parents means I should respect them. If you are still living at home that means you need to obey their rules. You may not like them, but as far as they pay the bills and it’s their home, then you need to respect them. Another thing you shouldn’t do (no matter how much they annoy you at times), is speak back to them in a rude way.

Respect for Teachers
If you are still at school or at some sort of educational institution, then you should respect the teachers who are there to teach you. Many teachers complain that their students just don’t respect them anymore. Some students are disruptive in class and others speak back when they are being corrected. This has a snowball effect because it then means that all the other students may end up disrespecting the teacher too. Teachers are not perfect and if there is a particular teacher that is causing you any pain or embarrassment, then you do have a right to take it up with the school.

Respect for friends
You should always show respect to your friends. Do not invade their space. Do not dominate conversations. Offer to listen rather than do all the talking. Be respectful and mindful. Don’t throw items at them. Also don’t try and belittle them in front of others. If a friend has told you a secret, don’t spread it to others. Do to others, as you would have them do to you.

Respect for your environment
Whether you are at home or in a property you need to be respectful and keep it neat and tidy. Don’t clutter your house with items or leave things lying around. Don’t deliberately break school items. Don’t write on schools walls or in public toilet walls.

Respect for yourself
They say in order to gain respect you have to start by respecting yourself. So that would include the manner in which you dress and the way you speak. Dress with respect. Speak with authority. Speak with confidence.
I am sure that if we all practice these nuggets then the world will be a better place.

Author Rita Okoye (also known as RiRi) Rita is passionate about raising young girls and equipping them with tools that will help them to conduct and value themselves as treasures and present themselves effectively anywhere in the world.
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Author Rita Okoye

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