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The Endless War Against Prostitution


ProstitutesANY time I hear that the Police are clearing prostitutes off the streets, I have mixed feelings. I approve of the effort, because they work to clear the streets of what they perceive as nuisance. But I do not always understand the point of doing that, because it does not work.

If those raids have been effective, the commercial sex trade would have ceased to thrive on the streets.
As far as I can remember, I have heard of Police raids in major roads and popular streets in Lagos metropolis, especially.

As far back, I have heard of such red light districts existing at Ayilara in Surulere, Awolowo Road and Ikoyi and places like Allen Avenue, Victoria Island assume a different colour at night.

It is said that these women and their families used to habit a whole street in Yaba area at some time in the past.It is called the oldest profession, but why has it survived after other evils, like slave trade (putting human beings under chain and shackles and shipping them abroad) have been abolished? We support the opinion that human trafficking is still slavery?

So, why does commercial sex still thrive, if not that some people still want or need their services?
Who Is The Sex Worker?

In the past, they were called prostitutes, but the name has changed in recent times, probably because society is still trying to define who the prostitute is.

The prostitute is defined as someone who trades sex for money, including a man, in some countries.Going deeper, however, it has been discovered that even married women may engage in the trade, occasionally, just for the money.
It is even argued sometimes that someone who remains in a marriage for the money is a prostitute. That is why we try to look at the issue, if we possibly can.

First though, we will state that commercial sex workers are not to be looked down upon, because they are always people who are in need of help. They certainly need employment, but may lack the skill.
Still, society does not approve. Still want to emphasise that if their services are not called- they are referred to as call girls too- they wouldn’t work.

While we say commercial sex is evil, because having so many partners is the fastest way of spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but these people claim to take care of themselves.
However, we are not sure that one exposure may not be the unlucky one. The issue, therefore, should not be treated with kid gloves.
It may also be worthwhile to remind the prostitute that the result of those infections may be a non-communicable disease for her.
We take to heart a partner’s concern about commercial sex and the danger it poses to stable relationships if a half has cultivated a taste for their services. We sympathise.
Do you think you are not doing something right? You may not be to blame for his lack of fulfillment. What about books and journals that teach how to be good to each other and feel fulfilled in the bedroom?

Why do you think he goes to them? You have the right to dig deep into this aspect of his life and you will find the answer if you do it humbly and quietly. And he will appreciate your effort to help him.

What you do from your end may help society in tackling this vice, because the Police cannot arrest every commercial sex worker.
Although we do not have statistics, but we could just say that at least one commercial sex worker is born every week, if not daily.

So, if you discover that he patronises them because he is addicted to sex, work through the issue with him. You may need counseling. He needs your help and you can rightly claim ownership of your relationship if you succeed.

The government should bear in mind that it would be disrespectful of the high institution that is marriage when they take a sex worker off the street who is not prepared and force her to marry.

She will go through a marriage with the same lack of feeling she plied her trade with.
The result may be issues, like armed and other forms of evil.

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