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This heat wave: 100% cotton bedding fabric prevents skin rash, aids sleep quality

By Maria Diamond
29 February 2020   |   4:17 am
Quite a number of people are oblivious of the importance of sleeping on comfy bedding fabrics, especially during the heat wave; hence they find themselves...

Quite a number of people are oblivious of the importance of sleeping on comfy bedding fabrics, especially during the heat wave; hence they find themselves tossing about all night long, sweating profusely with discomfort on scratchy fabric bedspreads, pillows and duvet, which in turn leads to all sorts of skin rash due to the hot and humid weather.

Considering how people spend more time in their bed both at night and in the morning before starting their day, it is important that all bedding fabrics aid your skin and general health wellbeing, as opposed to getting discomfort from synthetic fabrics that can cause skin or respiratory reactions.

Well, if there is anything noteworthy during this heat wave, it is that your skin naturally becomes sensitive to synthetic fabrics due to its coarse and rough texture, which is why some people find themselves itching.

This is why your best save while the heat wave last is 100 per cent cotton fabric beddings, because it is made with natural properties that are environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain any genetically-engineered substances or synthetic chemicals.

If you are a Nigerian or foreigner in the country, you would agree that this year’s February heat wave, which hits deep into the night, makes bedtime somewhat uneasy, especially when electricity suppliers’ choses to withhold power, which of course, is on the top-list of Nigeria’s challenges.

In fact, residents of Lagos, particularly under the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC), would reckon with the situation, considering the recent erratic zero power supply, alongside the extremely hot weather.

So, for this summer, cotton fabric beddings are the ideal spreads and cover for comfy bedtime, because it is woven from natural fibres and comfortable enough to keep your skin cool all night long.

Although, according to a survey, both cotton and linen are on the top choices for homes, hotels and even hospital beddings. However, 100 per cent cotton bedding is a preferable choice due to its relatively easy maintenance and durability, as linen also has a reputation for having a rough feel, compared to cotton.

Importance Of Cotton Fabric Beddings
• They are naturally breathable and absorb moisture to keep you cool throughout the night.
• The cotton beddings are biodegradable and produced with sustainable methods.
• 100 per cent cotton bedspreads, duvets and pillow cover incorporates a greater environmental awareness into your everyday life, as well as improve your sleep quality.
• Aside serving its purpose for beddings, it can also serve as a decorative addition to tie into any room decor.
• 100 per cent cotton fabric beddings utilises natural material, which cools your skin during the heat wave with a treat of comfort.
• Its natural fabric properties retain its softness, comfy and durability after rigorous wash.
• It is easily maintained, in terms of washing, drying and ironing.
• With 100 per cent cotton bedding fabric, what you get is a desired density and softness due to its consistently soft texture, even with regular washing.

Types Of Cotton Bedding Designs To Opt For
There are three major types of cotton beddings- plain, pattern and flora. While plain is now mostly used in hotels because it gives a sense of freshness that makes guests comfortable, especially the white plain.

Adults use the pattern at home, as it is mostly serve as a great statement piece when properly integrated with the décor. And flora is mostly used for children bedroom, as it brings nature and colour to live.

However, whichever design or colour you chose, it is important to assess what fits best with your décor, be it at home or hotels.