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How do I cope with his infidelity?


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I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost five years.

A couple of weeks ago, I found out that he had sex with his female co-worker once. That was about six months ago after-work dinner.

He said he regretted it and wanted nothing from her anymore. I forgave him. My biggest issue is: he still works with her five days a week. He has a very good well-paid job that he wouldn’t take any chance of losing that job. She can’t either. I understand that he doesn’t want to give up this job and I don’t think I can force him to do that.


How do I cope with the idea that my boyfriend is meeting the girl he had cheated me on with or has been seeing her five days a week? My stomach sinks whenever I think of this.

Re: Did I Trick Him?

There is no purpose in your telling your husband that years ago, you and a co-worker once groped each other. Your husband might even wonder if this confession is actually a prelude to a desire for more groping or a trial balloon for bigger confessions. You made a minor mistake and never repeated it, so please, stop letting your happiness be shadowed by useless, perpetual guilt.

Easy, you didn’t trick him into marrying you, that was a long time ago. Let the sleeping dog lie, as far as you are sincere to yourself and willing to keep your marriage. I suggest you keep it to yourself and see it as one of those mistakes you’ve made out of being naive.

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