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‘Should I Let Him Know?’


RelationshipI NEED some serious advice surrounding what to do about a cheating best friend. We’ll call her boyfriend that she is cheating on ‘Mike’. She has been in a relationship with Mike for more than five years now, and he treats her extremely well. He is extremely close to her family, as she is with his family.

However, about a month ago, she made out with a very scummy co-worker (at a party that Mike was also at) in the bathroom, and ever since then, she has been sneaking around her boyfriend Mike by “getting a hotel” and having sex with this guy. The guy she is cheating with is awful because he knows Mike well (hangs out with the two of them, goes for drinks, etc).

Also, her co-worker is still living with his “ex-girlfriend”; one of the reasons why they always have to “get a hotel” to hang out. I met this guy she is cheating with at the bar one night when I was out with my boyfriend and my sister, and he is a complete scumbag.

Ever since that night, I feel so sick for Mike and extremely off with her. I have tried talking to her about it and all she does is attempt to guilt-trip me by saying “if you don’t want to be my friend anymore, just tell me,” or looks away and changes the subject. She says that she is going to tell him, by claiming she just needs to “find the right time”, but I know she won’t because she is extremely cowardly. She cheated on him last month once, and she never told her boyfriend, even though she said she would.

My boyfriend thinks that I should tell Mike, but I really don’t know if that is my place or not. I respect her boyfriend so much and I hate to see her do this to him behind his back. I am her only friend who knows, she won’t tell her family or anybody else and I feel an extreme amount of pressure.
Please someone should tell me what to do, Tricia

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  • Odioko Oghenekohwo

    What would have done if u found out her boyfriend was cheating on her? Loyalty should always be to what is right and not to anybody because is just an excuse for double standard.