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Make your home a place of worship this Easter despite lockdown


As far as Christendom is concerned, Easter is the most significant festive celebration in Christianity, as it commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. While some would think that Christmas is the biggest deal for Christians, truth is: Easter is the focal point of the birth of Christ. So for believers, Easter celebration signifies redemption and rededication to Almighty God.

However, due to the deadly Covid-19 currently hitting the globe with hard blows, and compelling an indefinite lockdown that has led to close-down of all religious gatherings, Christians will hereby have to celebrate this year’s resurrection of Christ at home, tomorrow, with only immediate family members.

While you’re wondering the feasibility of commemorating a festival of such magnitude at home when you should be at your place of worship, amongst brethren, remember the book of Mathew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them.”


So there is absolutely no dull moment for you at home this Easter, despite the coronavirus lockdown, because the scripture itself got your home worship and celebration covered with that passage. But, ensure that the service is solely with immediate family members, as you can’t afford to have others participate due to the social distancing safety directive.

All you need do in order to make this year’s celebration worthwhile irrespective of the restrictions, is to look around your space at home, and identify the most appropriate section for Easter Worship with family. Then put in place available worship items, decors, furniture, accessories, others. For those who already have a designated prayer warfare room in their home, you need not sweat it, as your place of service is already intact.


Perfect Home Worship Spaces For Easter
. Living room: Without doubt, the best place for family worship in this Easter lockdown is the living room because it is usually more spacious and conducive.
. Dinning space: Of course the dinning seats come in handy. Also, you have the table closer to you, and rather than hold your bible with your hands, you can place it on the table while you study comfortably with family. Finally, during the praise and worship, all you need do is pull your seats aside, sing and dance with your family in worship to the Almighty.
. Balcony: For this Covid-19 “stay indoors” directive, worshiping at the balcony is an option for those with private and self-contained balcony that is solely attached to your apartment. You don’t want to disturb neighbours, and of course the necessity to maintain social distancing.
. Study room: This section of your interior space is an option for family members who want to shun all forms of distractions attached to other spaces, as the study room is naturally void of side attractions.

How To Pimp Your Home Service Space For This Easter
. Clean your service space till it sparkles because you cannot serve God in a dirty and untidy environment – the regular saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness” comes to mind.
. Ventilate the atmosphere, a place of worship is expected to be odourless, so get rid humid smell and food odours.
. For those who believe in the circulated image of Christ, you can erect an image in your home worship space for Easter as a reminder of the season, preferably the image of Christ on the cross.
. You can also erect a simple cross if you have one at home, on your wall, or somewhere around your worship space, as it is symbolic to


Easter celebration.
. The seats are very important, so if you’re not using your living room or dinning, move seats for each family member to your home worship space.
. If you so desire, you can make an aesthetic scriptural inscription on your worship space wall, something to give you the kind of atmosphere you usually get from your conventional worship centre.
. You know how you save the best for last? Here: don’t forget the bible, it is the most important service accessory you need this Easter.

Finally, whine and dine with your family after the worship session just because it’s Easter, but never forget the reason for the season, which calls for a sober reflection.


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