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Make your home a Valentine destination


Ever wondered the actual destination of valentine after all the hangouts from one entertainment hub to the other? Going with the saying ‘love is in the air’ where exactly is this ambience? Where does valentine reside? Of course, your home is the actual and final destination for valentine, hence the need to let your ambience breathe love.

With the COVID-19 restriction still in place, you actually have no option than to make your home a Valentine destination.
While romantic ambience may be the target for couples, for a home with children and extended family members, ensure not to lose sight of what the day actually signifies, which is love for every dear person in your life. So, while fitting in the love ambience, ensure to keep the living room love ambience user friendly for all ages, and restrict the romantic ambience to the bedroom you share with your spouse.


How to put valentine in the air at home
• A sparkling touch to every nook and cranny of your home is always the first step to achieving desired ambience for every occasion.
• Strings of lights and flowers will start the magic – strategically placing a few strings of lights entwined with flowers can add a romantic and welcoming feel to any room. Lighting in the room always does the trick. You can create a subtle glow in golden lights by using fairy lights or classic candles, lamps, and chandeliers. But remember to keep it minimal; simplicity is the magic to aesthetic.
• Area rugs will not only create a luxury atmosphere but a cozy and intimate feel in any space.
• Dimmers will add an exciting mood twist in your space, such that it perfects desired ambience effortlessly.
• Go for delicate but cool love enhancing fragrance such as lavender cinnamon, vanilla, and jasmine to purify the air with enchanting aroma – a delicate aroma is not only therapeutic but enhances love mood in the air.
Valentine Colour
If you’re of the opinion that the only colour that portrays valentine is red, then you may have to unlearn and relearn. While red may have an age-long history based on the significance of roses in the theme of love, the truth is, the actual colour of love is that colour your spouse cherishes. So, if that colour isn’t red, you may need to explore your spouse’s favourite colour this valentine.
Steps To Decorating Your Space With Favourite Colour
• Create elegance with a balanced one-look – If you’re out to go all new just to achieve that perfect love ambience this valentine. Then, go for the finest interior items visible in one look, such as curtains, bedspread, cushions and pillow covers, and rugs – all these in your favourite colours. Note that this is a significant step as the magic is in the attraction created from a balanced look. It brings elegance and comfort in the space.
• Go for subtle comfortable prints and fabrics, and ensure that they align with one another.
• Create a table setting or backdrop in a combination of both your favourite colour and that of your spouse. If you have kids, do a touch up with each of their favourite colours.

Bedroom Decorating Tips To Set A Romantic Mood In The Air For Your Partner
• Creatively use rose petals to inscribe love on your bed and maybe a few drops here and there in your bedroom.
• Frame and display new and old photos of special moments with your partner – these photos will be a reminder of your flourishing love.
• Create a mental balanced atmosphere by completely doing away with unnecessary distractive items in the bedroom. A de-clutter is your best bet.
• Never underestimate the magic of scented candles – this will not only create a romantic ambiance but also ignite the fire of love and intimacy, as well as subtle lighting and aroma.
* Spray refreshing scents over linens and clothing –this will not only bring both you and your spouse together, but will also eliminate all forms of stress and pressure.
* Turn on soft, soothing, and romantic music on your stereo or iPod – music naturally has the magic to brighten up your mood. While you can go for a collection of soft rock, classical or standards, it would be perfect to include songs you both love.


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