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Making Your Man Do Whatever You Want


RelationshipLET me ask you a quick question- what is the fastest way to make a guy change his bad ways?

It is actually easier than you think. You might have noticed some of your girlfriends whose men are the “perfect picture” of an attentive boyfriend or husband. These guys are loyal, loving and totally committed to the relationship, which makes your girlfriends very happy. And then you wonder what their secret is?

These women simply know what makes guys “tick.” And when it comes to making a guy listen to whatever you say, these women know one very important secret about men, and that simply is: Guys Need To Be Emotionally-Invested.

When a guy is emotionally invested, he is “all in.” He is tuned into his role as the relationship’s protector and provider. His role wakes him up in the morning and keeps him up at night. When a guy is emotionally invested, he is all about you.

The men who are not emotionally invested in anything are lazy, weak, lukewarm and generally have no direction in life. (I am sure you have met these guys before).
Likewise, for a guy to be a great boyfriend, a great husband or a great father, he has to first be emotionally invested in his relationship. He has to be willing to do absolutely crazy things to be a great partner.

Let me tell you what men feel good about. “Guys need jobs. They need good roles to fill. It is a primal need for them like air, water and food. If they do not have a good job, they go looking for one.” So, does your man have a “good job” in your relationship?
The mistake many women make is spoiling him a little too much. The women do too much work in the relationship and as a result, the men do too little. And instead of appreciating your effort, he goes out looking for another job or in this case, another relationship.

It is pretty crazy and unbelievable, but I am sure you have seen it happen before. Now, some women do the opposite by trying to make him do more work in the relationship, but this does not work either. So, let me suggest a different approach.

Do not agitate, motivate!

GUYS are suckers for motivation. Let them know they feel loved, respected, admired and appreciated, and they will reward you with the love, attention, affection, conversation, provision, and protection you need.

Do not spoil him. Do not order him around. Do not agitate him. Rather, motivate him. Remember that he needs a “good job” in the relationship, meaning it has to be fun and rewarding for him, too and it is actually very easy to motivate a guy.

Most times, you do not even have to do anything; you just have to say the right words.

What are these “right words” that men find so motivating?

*Words of honour

Playful jabs, like, “yes, dear,” or “you’re the boss,” or “yes, baby.” Don’t just build endearment and fondness in the relationship; they also quietly reaffirm his natural position as the “head of the household.” And few things are more motivating to a man than that place of honour.
*Words of respect and admiration

I was watching a romantic movie one day and one of the actresses shared this wonderful tip: Write a list of the “20 things I admire about my boyfriend/husband.”

Then, on his birthday, or on your anniversary, or on Father’s Day, tell him: “You know what? I wrote down 20 things I admire and respect about you.”

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