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‘Many undocumented Nigerians are afraid of being separated from their children’


Ikhide Ikheloa

Ikhide Ikheloa

Mr Ikhide Ikheloa lives in Maryland, USA. He speaks on the fears of Nigerians living in US over Donald Trump’s Presidential victory

The outcome of the US election has been polarising, no doubt, and to many communities, it is traumatising. The aftermath leaves a wake of fears, tears and unresolved anxieties about the future. This is especially within the immigrant communities. Nigerians are not a monolithic group and there are viewpoints on either side. As a community, I think it is fair to say that we are concerned about what this means for a coherent immigration policy that secures the borders, yes, but reunites and secures our families. Many undocumented Nigerians are truly afraid of being separated from their children and loved ones and want Trump to distance himself from campaign rhetoric and temper pragmatism with compassion.

In the aftermath of the elections, all over the land, there is anxiety. In schools, there are protests as many young people are upset, because they may possibly lose their friends, because their parents are undocumented aliens. We are worried that if things are not addressed, the situation might spiral out of control.

I don’t know of many people that are coming home. Many people over-estimated the power of the presidency. The real politics is local and outside of ideological differences. Who will be in the Supreme Court, immigration reform, etc at the local level of politics?

‘Deportation Of Immigrants Should Start With Trump’s Wife’
MAJORITY of the citizens didn’t expect Trump to win. Even 60 per cent of people that voted for him said he was not qualified nor does have the temperament for the office. But some, for callous reasons, still voted for him.

Most of us would like to pack our bags and return home, but it is not realistic. A lot of us have been working for decades in the US and it would be stupid to just pack and leave.

Some of us have worked enough to retire, but we don’t have the age requirement. The only good thing is that US is well structured and a lot of things Trump said cannot possibly be done.

Deportation of immigrants will have to start with his wife. I am so sick of the outcome of the election that my health has been bad since then. I don’t have appetite. I have just been drinking fluid. A lot of Nigerians are saying it is a bad dream and we just need to wake up.

From a Nigerian living in New York who wants to remain anonymous

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