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Maximising opportunities amidst recession

By Sam O. Osunsanya
10 September 2016   |   2:15 am
It’s no longer news that Nigeria’s economy is in recession. Recession is a period of general decline, accompanied by a drop in the stock market and increase in unemployment.


It’s no longer news that Nigeria’s economy is in recession. Recession is a period of general decline, accompanied by a drop in the stock market and increase in unemployment. However, the question therefore is, how can we cope in a season of recession?

I will like to begin with a statement by Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to have when we created them.” I believe this statement already addressed the present situation of this country.

Don’t forget complaints won’t solve any situation; rather it complicates issues. Therefore, we need to start to see beyond recession and start thinking of things we can do to get the country out of it’s present harsh economy.

Let me begin by saying that many are poor, not because they don’t have money, but because they have ‘blinded minds,’ and that is why you see majority casting all blames on the Government. As a matter of fact, many are waiting for the next election to vote someone that will satisfy there interest and possibly feed them with milk and honey.

But we need to understand that that the problem we are facing currently is not just as a result of the ineffectiveness of the government, but a product of our irresponsible past. We need to change our mindset, if we must see through these hard times.

I believe that the practical tool in solving this economic situation is not just changing government policies, but a deliberate change of our mindset; our mindset determines how we approach any challenge. So, if we must succeed in these hard times, then we must stop the blame game, step out of our comfort zones and start to take deliberate actions.

We Need To Embrace Change
This is one of the keys to maximize opportunities and succeed in this recession. Yes, the situation if bad, but the undoing of many is failure to embrace change. We must understand that change is the only thing that is constant, which means that the economy can never be static. For example, things can never be the same way they were twenty years ago; every nation is bound to experience economic downturn. So, we need to embrace change and develop strategies towards revamping the economy. We must always prepare for any shift in the economy.

We need to possess the entrepreneur mindset
Statistically, Nigeria produces more that one million graduates every year and out of that, only 20 per cent are gainfully employed. That makes the remaining 80% per cent potential armed robbers, beggars, miscreant etc. If we must secure the future of this nation, then everyone must start to think of ways to add values to humanity, rather than waiting for government.

One of the principal ways to add values to the nation is by engaging in production or rendering of quality services, which is the spirit of entrepreneur. Every student must therefore erase the mentality of looking for white-collar jobs, and think of how to use their talents to create wealth and contribute to the economy.

In conclusion, I believe common sense has failed us as a nation, so, its high time we started to approach problems with relevant facts required for providing solution. In the midst of recession, opportunities abound. God bless Nigeria.

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