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Meet Kachikwu, brain behind Boss Of All Bosses


Cast members for the movie Boss Of All Bosses

Last week, the CEO of Mind Bursters Film Ventures, Emeka Kachikwu, premiered his highly anticipated comedy movie, Boss of All Bosses. Screened at the Filmhouse IMAX Lekki, the event attrcated celebrities, especially cast of the movie, who graced the red carpet, as well as other distinguiehed guests such as the Minister of State for Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu. In this interviwe with CHUKS NWANNE, young Kachikwu, who doubles as the Executive Producer and Producer of the comedy movie, spoke on his love for the entretainment industry and desire to his experience on set of the film.

Can you tell us about yourself, how was it like growing up?
I grew up in Lagos; I attended Corona Primary School Ikoyi and later Corona Secondary School. I left the country to further my studies in the UK, where I bagged a BA in Business Management from Oxford Brookes University, with a Masters Degree in Oil and Gas Management from Coventry University. I have worked in various companies, including Oil and Gas companies and I’m the CEO of Mind Bursters film ventures.

What informed your decision to move from Oil & Gas sector to entertainment?
I’ve always been a funny person. In fact, two days ago, I met a colleague of mine way back from Primary school. When I told him about my forth coming comedy movie, he laughed and confirmed my comical status. I was known as the class clown, who made everyone laugh even till secondary school. So, I have always had that natural ability to make people laugh. My passion was so strong for entertainment that I even contemplated dropping out of school during my undergrad days, but my parents would have none of it. I’m happy I completed my studies. I did some comedy skits which was broadcast on Silverbird TV and other television stations and even delved into music for a while. I loved watching movies right from when I was a child.

Let’s talk about your movie Boss of All Bosses, how did the idea come?
I had been brewing over the idea for Boss of All Bosses and then I finally made the move to bring life to the idea. I’m passionate about entertainment and I’m elated about my first movie production.


You wrote the script, produced and acted as well in the movie?
Yes and I was also the Executive producer. I was pretty much involved in everything and knowing what we wanted. I wouldn’t say it was easy but when you create a story with a particular character that you know is you, then it makes it easier to play the role. I feel it is a character that has not been played before and from the feedback I got, I like to think that I did well.

What’s the inspiration behind the movie title?
I had that name for a while back; this idea had been in my head for a long time and sometime in 2014. In the previous place I worked, there was an argument between two employees and it was kind of funny because they were going back and forth on the issue in dispute. So, I thought to myself, this is what usually occurs in the workplace and that’s when the creativity in me kicked in. I said to myself, what if instead of two employees, it’s the case of two MDs. Typically the next question was what are they fighting for? Dominance, superiority? That’s how the idea came and I started building it up little by little.

How long did it take to write the script?
It took me four months to write the script. I conceived the idea way back, but it was in 2015 that I decided it was time to finish the script once and for all. I wrote the script at the office where I previously worked when I was less busy. Funny enough, I became like a professor; it was like writing a dissertation. I would walk back and forth with a biro and book in my hand penning the script. One particular guy, who sat beside me would give me a quizzical look whenever I write and then laugh. Each time he gave me the look, I would tell him, ‘you don’t understand bro, the story I’m writing is hilarious.’ The office hours end at 5pm, but I would sometimes stay till 9pm writing.


How did you come about the cast?
I have a good team, so, there was a lot of planning and most of them were reached through their managers. The challenge was getting them to be on set at the same time because, these were big names and they had busy schedules. We had to structure the production stage in a way that we could get this and that person or where we needed say three of them we would let them know. It took us about seventeen days to shoot the film. We shot in Lagos, and in terms of the budget, I can’t really disclose the exact figure but it was a decent amount. By God’s grace, it was self sponsored with unflinching support from family and friends

What’s unique about this production?
Not to sound over-confident, this is arguably the funniest or one of the funniest movies. The things done in this movie are new; the story line is new, it is highly powered by creativity. The comedy squad has never been assembled in any other movie in Nollywood history; you’ve never seen Okon and Akpororo in the same movie. Now, picture not just Okon, or Akpororo, but Mama Gee, Eniola Badmus, Nedu of Wazobia fm, Senator, Sani Danja, Babatunde Charles (Chinese oyibo), Adunni Ade, all doing hilarious things in the movie. This is a mind bursting film and it’s one that can make you fall from your seat if you’re not careful because of an overdose of laughter. There was a time we called movie critics to watch it, I won’t say who they are and these are critics that if your movie is bad they’ll tell it to your face, they don’t care. Even when they came into the screening room, they came with their game face on, no similes. They sat down, started watching this movie and were rocked with laughter. One thing a lot of people have said about the movie is that it’s not the regular story; it’s something new. The film will be released in cinemas across Nigeria on June 15, 2018

Is there possibility of a sequel?
We plan to turn it to a franchise, but at the same time, I’d like to take things one step at a time. Boss of all Bosses is not the only movie idea I have in mind. There are a lot of ideas I have and that’s why I went on to register Mind Bursters Film Ventures so that I can have a platform to release many movies. I’d like to take things one step at a time. Everything is a process and I’m not a fortune teller.

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