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Midnight Shower….. (1)




WONDERS will never cease! Or what would you call this type of experience and scenario? Is this another flavour and different kind of love, or what? Bode Ajanlekoko was legally married to Agnes and they were blessed with two kids. The couple had been living in a house tucked away in the suburb of Lagos, called Agege for the past five years; it was a cluster of several rooms on a plot of land.

Agnes always did her best to make her husband happy at all times. She was a very hardworking and ambitious woman in her early 30s. She trusted her husband with her whole heart and would do anything to put smile on his face. She was a light-skinned, tall and beautiful woman. On the other hand Bode, her husband was a very cunning and charming young man in his mid 30s. Bode was tall, handsome and exuded so much confidence and he was full of wiles. He was a dealer in computer accessories.

Bode had the nocturnal habit of going to have his bath every night around 11.30p.m. This attitude had been on for the past six months. At exactly 11.30p.m he would sneak out of bed to the bathroom. The bathroom in their residence was a general one; it was meant for everybody living in that house. On a couple of occasions his wife had asked him why he chose to bath around that time everyday but being a clever man, Bode dodged his wife’s questions, saying his doctor advised him to always have his bath at that particular time for his good health.

Unknown to Agnes, Bode was into a shady romance deal with the wife of one of the tenants living in the house, by name Clara. And the secret extramarital relationship had been on for the past six months. Clara was a mother of three young children and she was married to Mr. Benjamin Chibuzor, a tall, fat and grim-faced man. Bode and Clara always had their ungodly romance affair in the bathroom around 11.30p.m everyday.

Only God knew what was the attraction that prompted this illicit love tango. Clara was round-faced and brown in complexion, five feet tall; with a bewitching and charming figure that belied her age and marital status.

Bode and Clara were actually enjoying their love adventure in the bathroom. They were so careful, so secretive and watchful of other tenants and neighbours since they began the shameful love act. Clara had aborted pregnancies for Bode about three times. They always sneaked inside the bathroom late at night when they had noticed that everybody were completely fast asleep in the whole house.

“Bode love,” Clara called softly as they were about making love one particular night, “I won’t abort any pregnancy for you again. You should know that it’s a very painful and risky thing. I can lose my life in the process.”

“Clara darling,” Bode replied, “you won’t die. All these abortions are for love’s sake. Let’s get down to business as usual Clara! I’m hot with passion!” so the illegal lovebirds went into action again and indulged in passionate sex romp.
The bigamous drama and illicit love session continued unabated and more frenzied every midnight.

That night was like every other nights that Bode enjoyed the bliss of love with Clara. However, it was a very cold night. Bode, as usual, had a date with Clara. He cleverly sneaked out of his matrimonial bed and tiptoed out of his apartment to meet Clara at their ‘meeting place’. It was exactly 11.30p.m. His wife was fast asleep. Pronto, Bode was already in the bathroom! Eagerly waiting for him was his midnight lover…

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