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Mr. X Family: Dependable RMD and Ego Boyo set to tango


RMD and Ego on set

If you are a social media and television hobbyist and you have not come across a promo material on a new television series, Mr. X Family, then you may need to check your browser or update your cable subscription.

To say that the buzz title on social media and television is the Mr. X Family television series is to be stating the obvious. Not that there is anything new about birthing a television series, but there is something that makes this series arguably the most anticipated.

First, it features two of Nigeria’s dependable actors- Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) and Ego Boyo.

Secondly, RMD, as the actor’s actor is simply called, and Ego Boyo, who were both constant visitors to home as long as that award-winning series by Amaka Igwe, Checkmate, lasted, are reuniting for some measured acting performance nearly 22 years after they featured in the award-winning movie, Violated.


Also, this time, RMD is not just on call as an actor, but he signs the series as producer. It will be his first major television series production and the actor, lawyer, publisher, public relations practitioner and former commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State is excited at the prospect of the series, which premieres on May 5 on African Magic.

Sharing the news of their reunion on screen on social media, RMD wrote: “I hope that getting back together again on television will tickle fans of Ann and Segun and the fans of Tega and Peggy, who have been craving to have them grace their television screens again.

“Ego and I are pretty excited about this and we hope the excitement catches on.”

Promoted as a drama, but with a tinge of comedy, RMD would not give out the meat of the narrative that makes up the series, saying he wants viewers to guess what roles they will be playing on Mr. X Family.

Recall that on Checkmate, the character that RMD played, Segun Kadiri, was always at loggerhead with Ann Haastrup, which was the role Ego Boyo played. And in Violated, RMD was cast as Tega, while Ego Boyo played Peggy.

He had said: “We are curious to see how many people or if anyone can correctly guess what we are back together as… Mr. and Mrs.? Secret Lovers? Siblings? Colleagues? Somebody? Anybody? Let the guessing game begin.”

Even though RMD would not say if he would return in this series as Segun Kadiri, an enemy-turned-lover of Ann Haastrup in Checkmate or as Tega, a wealthy man who falls in love and marries Peggy in Violated, fans cannot wait to see RMD and Ego Boyo feature as the iconic pair again.

Although early set pictures released revealed RMD in a family pose, sources close to the crew hinted that the story revolves round him and Ego Boyo.

RMD explained his relationship with Ego Boyo thus: “My journey with Ego Boyo started nearly 30 years ago, our first encounter being on the production of Checkmate, when my dear friend, the late Amaka Igwe, pulled me in as the villain Segun Kadiri on the highly coveted television soap.

“One of the most remarkable things about Ego is that despite the fact that she is born with a silver spoon into the family of the highly respected late Justice Nnamani, she was super disciplined (she still is), very humble and extremely committed.”

He also explained talked about how their status on screen rose, saying: “Our status as Nigerian television sweethearts rose with the movie Violated, as Tega and Peggy became the toast of fans.

“Since then, Ego has gone ahead to becoming wife, mother, accomplished businesswoman and president of International Women’s Society.

“Over 25 years later, Tega and Peggy are back together again on my new television show. I can only hope that getting back together again will tickle fans of Ann Haastrup and Segun Kadiri and the fans of Tega and Peggy, who have been craving to have them grace their television screens again.

“Ego and I are pretty excited about this and hope the excitement catches on.”

An iconoclastic actor, RMD is clearly one of Nigeria’ top celebrities. A top rated actor with vast credits, the Warri, Delta State native has had a remarkable career as an actor and has indeed enjoyed super roles on stage and the movie turf.

Acting, for RMD, who has proved to be a world-class material, came naturally. As a young boy growing up in Warri, Eyimofe was the acclaimed king of boys. His family’s little home in Warri was usually a beehive of performances and laughter. It was the meeting point of those in RMD’s age bracket whom he had some form of control over.

As a tot, RMD was particularly a “terribly” shy person, so his best escape was to always be in front of the people, his mates, acting or telling jokes that kept them delighted.


Born in Warri, Delta State to a mother (who had a tremendous influence on his life) and who until her death was a trader, and a father, who until his demise in 1990 worked for the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Warri, the actor schooled briefly at the Roman Catholic Mission School, Warri and the famous Midwest College.

At the wake of the indigenisation policy, young Richard was sent to the Anglican Secondary School, Okpara Waterside and then to St. Patrick’s College, Asaba.

Upon completion of his secondary school education, RMD proceeded to the University of Benin, graduating four years later with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts, majoring in Dramatic Theatre and Criticism.

A lawyer, who has been called to the Nigerian Bar, the former publisher of Mr. Magazine and star of many stage and screen productions, including the popular Michael Power series, RMD is married to the broadcaster-turned communication consultant, Jumobi Mofe Damijo, nee Adegbesan, and their marriage is blessed with children.

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