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Music expresses the people’s mindset, says Dampte

By Daniel Anazia
02 February 2019   |   4:18 am
For fast rising Nigerian born, UK-based afro-pop singer, Oluyole Oluwaseun, popularly known in the music circle as Sean Dampte, one of the factors responsible...


For fast rising Nigerian born, UK-based afro-pop singer, Oluyole Oluwaseun, popularly known in the music circle as Sean Dampte, one of the factors responsible for the positive response Nigerian music, especially Afrobeat is garnering worldwide is because the naija music — beats and lyrics — expresses the mindset of the people.

According to him, Nigerians are generally happy people and this is reflected in the kind of music that is churned out from the country, which brings the listener that happy feeling.

“Like Plato said, society changes when music changes. So I am guessing happy music, happy audience. Afrobeat to the world!” he said.

The singer is by all means revving up his game since the released his debut single, Wine your tinkolo, featuring YQ, which he released in the first quarter of 2009.

Ever since then, he has had reasons to share stories concerning the successes of subsequent singles and the acceptance of his growing influence in the music scene both locally and internationally.

Though back in the studio and penning new tracks, his latest offering, Million, featuring Abdulala is receiving adequate playtime across radio stations and online music channels.

Inspired by the love of a beautiful woman and the connotations of goodness and healing that she would bring, Sean Dampte provides a composite track which accurately transposes the infatuation he maintains for the perfect woman and the depths that he would go in order to be with her.

Million, which the singer dropped last September, is a complex and catchy track filled with saturated 808 bass drums, groove-oriented drumbeats and Sean’s sultry yet concise lyrical delivery. The inclusion of Abdulala adds to the alluring tone of the track.

“I used to love to just sit down and write but now, I sit down and spit. I have got more anthems than any national,” Dampte sated.

Speaking about his growing influence and style of music, Sean Dampte said, “generally, I believe my sound is differently unique in the way I deliver my tracks and also the genuineness of which I am is what I try to put out there for everyone to see. So If I say that I love you, no be joke.”

He has featured artistes such as Rayce in the single titled Alignment, Abdulala of the then music group Black Trybe in Million. He has work and continues to work with mainstream producers in Nigeria, UK, Jamaica and the United States, including the notorious beat maker, Goldhands.

“I have worked with the likes of Goldhands in the US, Delirious, Jay Ocean and some many others in the UK. In Nigeria, I have had sounds from DXL, Fliptyce, Jomane and Joey Benks amongst others,” he stated.

Born to an Evangelist mother and Pastor Father in the 1980s, Sean Dampte is the eldest son with four siblings. He had his high school education in Lagos, before going to Bellevue University, Nebraska, United States, where he earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in Business.

His music success continues to get the approval of the British and Nigerian media, with reputable music mogul, Ron Tonkins of Concert House Music scoring his debut extended play, The Awoodah Begins 10/10.

True to ratings, No Be Joke, a classic love ballad track off the EP, produced by Joey Banks and mastered by DXL da beat became top five on iTunes chart. With the visuals shot in locations around London, UK and directed by renowned video director, Doyin Ajakaye, the music has been applauded by fans home and abroad.

Dampte’s path to recognition did not follow the conventional. He had the first real taste of music at a tender age, listening to the likes of King Sunny Ade (KSA), Ebenezer Obey, and all Nigerian musical heavyweights. Like most artistes, he started off in the choir until he discovered and honed his talent for rhymes, wordplay, metaphors and the ability to weave these and make sense.

His style of music has been influenced by the likes of Jay Z, R. Kelly, LL Cool J, Jadakiss, Styles P, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Treach (Naughty by Nature), 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Wale, and K’naan among others. He also claims to take bites off Nigeria’s music star, NAETO C.

After listening to a musical compilation of some of the aforementioned artistes’ tracks, Dampte fell deeply in love with hip-hop in 1994. He, in 1999, after a lot of self-penning, recorded his first solo effort titled J-E-S-U-S, featuring Rocksteady (of the defunct 2nd Avenue) and Wreck (now a member of Dem Mama Soldiers).

Dampte returned to the music scene after a long hiatus due to education, with his well accepted hit single Wine Your Tinkolo that features rising R&B star YQ. He followed up with another hit single Wapa, which also made it to various countdowns. Not relenting and known for his hit-dropping prowess, Dampte followed it with another hit Ghetto.

A gifted writer and performer, his debut album Los Gidi Certified has something for everyone. From laid-back tunes to fast paced rhythms, Dampte has managed to compose and successfully record over 14 hits including tracks like Times Two, Street Magic, Go Get-her, Ghetto and lots more.

“I used to love to just sit down and write but now, I sit down and spit. I have got more anthems than any national.”