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New Year Blooms


Red blooming cultivar "Algiers" (N. oleander "Algiers"), growing in a public building garden.

Red blooming cultivar “Algiers” (N. oleander “Algiers”), growing in a public building garden.

NEW Year comes right at the height of the Harmattan dry season when the rains have seized to do the heavy labor, the irrigation of garden. Plentiful rains are past, the heat of the sun and dry harmattan winds beat down relentlessly scorching plants, lawns and trees. It’s hard to meet the water needs of some plants. But hey! what do you know? It’s amazing to see so many plants come to blossom in the hottest season of the year and are the colors hot? Oh yes ‘‘what do you say of the hibiscus, frangipani’s heady scents wafting in the harmattan breeze. Of course the bougainvillea, cascading down walls or as shrubs on lawns, even potted. Water wise species of Canna lilies and Harmattan lilies, Oleanders Heliconias in pinks, reds, oranges and white and shades in between.

Some species of frangipani (plumeria rubra) even shed the leaves to allow all the nutrients get to the blossoms that go on full display which last through the season.

You wouldn’t think with all that drought and dustiness plants will thrive, talk more of blossoming in a riot of colors of the rainbow. But that’s mother nature for you. I guess to assure us like flowers blossoming in the dry season, so also the New Year, despite challenges, presents opportunities for new beginnings. An indication that whatever happens, life will always triumph.
Happy New Year. Enjoy!

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