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New Year: Clean up after festivities

By Maria Diamond
01 January 2022   |   2:47 am
As the festive season ends gradually, it’s time to clean up thoroughly and get your space back into normal serenity.

As the festive season ends gradually, it’s time to clean up thoroughly and get your space back into normal serenity.
All the dramatic and beautiful Christmas decorations, excessive food and drinks, here and there, are season infusions that took over the normal tranquillity of your space. Now that the season is phasing out, it’s time to really clean up.    

Ready to clean up after Christmas? Below are the procedures for doing so thoroughly.

Ney year home. Photo credit: Party City

Pack Up Your Christmas Decors
Often, cleaning up after a big festive season as Christmas can be daunting such that you could find yourself struggling with where to start. Carefully stripping the Christmas tree and other decors is the way to start. Ensure to thrash items that cannot be reused, and carefully pack others such as the tree, ornaments and light back into a safe box and return them to the storeroom. It is important to keep your Christmas lights from tangling by wrapping them in paper towel tubes or wrapping paper. Wind the cord around the roll, starting with the side opposite to the plug and insert the plug into the tube’s opening.

Gather And Keep Off What You Don’t Need
Why keep items you don’t need when you can thrash them or give them away? If there is anything that constitutes clumsiness and disrupts your space, it is an unneeded item. So get rid of them.

Check Your Furniture For Stain
The possibility that the kids might have dropped food crumbs or stained the furniture is high, so check and clean immediately and appropriately. If you find stains, use a spray bottle to lightly apply a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. Blot with a paper towel and continue spraying and blotting until the stain is removed. Rinse with clear water and blot again, then allow it to dry.

Take Out Your Carpets To Access Bare Floor
You could just vacuum your carpets, but it is advisable to take them out of the interior to clean. That way, you also have complete access to the bare floor of your space for thorough sweeping, moping and drying before returning the already vacuumed carpets in place.

Get To The Kitchen, Clean Up And Sanitise
Start the kitchen cleaning from your refrigerator. Empty your refrigerator, wipe the inside with hot, soapy water, and use clean water to rinse off soap. Dry with a clean towel. Do not forget to wipe inside the doors and any drawers that cannot be removed. Use a solution of one tablespoon of liquid bleach in one gallon of water to sanitise your refrigerator.

Disinfect Surfaces
All you need is a disinfectant. Focus on areas where food is prepared in the kitchen to disinfect bacteria.