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New Year, new ambience: Give your home a 2020 makeover


You know that feeling of wanting a resolution for a New Year, the desire for everything new or refreshed; such that makes you yearn to breathe fresh air even in your home. Some even go the extra miles of wanting to move to a new home and environment entirely, while a whole lot of others wonder what can be done to have a complete home makeover without spending too much.

First things first, DECLUTTER – For any form of makeover, the first thing you want to do is get rid of things you do not need or no longer use in order to create space for useful things.

Clean: Don’t leave any stone unturned, sweep every nook and cranny, dust, mop, wash window blinds if you don’t want it replaced, clean paintings and useful accessories.


Refresh Wall: It is important for those using the conventional wall paint to repaint the walls, while those who prefer wallpapers may not necessarily remove it if it’s still intact and in one piece, but should look out for stains and clean up.

After all primary touches have been done you can then start with rearranging.

Rearrange your furniture – If you’re not replacing with new ones. Oftentimes, people get confused as to what furniture should be where and how.

Basic rules for rearranging your furniture:
Because you feel the need to just change the position of your furniture especially your couch from where it used to be, all you need to do is move them closer to each other accordingly, with both side stool and walk space in between each seat. If your dinning set is in your living room, try to see how you can move it closer to the entrance of the kitchen, so it can be a step away from the kitchen, hereby giving your living room more space to breathe, but more importantly, serenity to the overview of your apartment.

Rearrange your accessories – All you need do is to find a different spot for each accessory or swap their spot.

Rearrange paintings and artwork – For those who have small paintings scattered here and there in the home, it is advisable for you to erect a couple of them stylishly on the same side of the wall, close to each other.

For the big paintings, let them just be directly opposite each other.

What to do with your bedroom for a change
Most of the time, all you need for a bedroom makeover after de-cluttering and repainting the wall is to reposition your bed to a different but appropriate spot.
. Get a new bedside rug.
. Erect one or two paintings at the wall behind your pillows.
. Change the lighting
. Get new set of bedspreads, especially duvet.

However, it is important to resolve to have a sustained habit of keeping the bedroom tidy always.

Basic makeover for your bathroom and kitchen
You may not have the need for as much makeover for your bathroom and kitchen as you do for your living room and bedroom except to fix or replace faulty appliances. However, there is need to cultivate the habit of absolute cleanliness and orderliness in both spaces.

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