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NGO identifies grassroots education as solution to vices among young people


Sri George

Driven by the passion to inspire others, especially the younger generation, the CEO of Sri Global Ventures, Babatunde George Ojo, popularly known as Sri George, has declared that improving Nigeria education sector from the grassroots is the solution to the diverse vices among the youths.

Speaking at a media briefing held recently in Lagos to herald the next phase of the project, which is targeted to public school in Lagos, Sri George, who had distributed vision boards to public secondary school students in Oyo State, said, “The ideology is to help these young ones invest their time and energy in their future. The vision boards are specifically for secondary school students in order to help them think and put their future in the right direction. The rate at which our youths deviates from the right cause has become so worrisome that all hands have to be on deck to save the situation. There are three major institutions that can bring about transformation in any society: parents, religious bodies and the educational system.”

He continued: “Charity begins at home; to solve the problems of this country, we need proper parenting, viable religious doctrines, as well as, an encompassing educational curriculum that teaches everything that count in life. Teachers have to engage the students with intense brainstorming, optimum attentiveness, knowledge of etiquette and the use of imagination. These are the ways to go with raising these young ones, such that when they grow up, they become better human beings and a sense of pride to not only the family but, the entire society” he said.


Ojo, who observed that a lot of things have gone wrong in the society as a result of poverty and ignorance, said, “Vision Boards used to be a wonderful thing in those days where you can pin things and design your future. So, I’m working to distribute that to secondary school students so that they can have some sense of direction. The vision board is meant to help them have targets, focus and work towards achieving them. As a motivational writer and speaker, I have come to realise that education is the basis of development everywhere in the world and should be prioritised. I noticed that a lot of youths don’t even know what they want in life, so this vision board will create a space for them to start thinking at this early stage and then work hard towards ensuring the realisation of their visions. I believe the change Nigeria is clamoring for can only begin with adequate investment in the education sector.”

As a holistic psychologist, Ojo has over the years sponsored and supported transformational programmes on radio and tv stations across the country, with the aim to imbibe positive change in the society.

“I also use my social media handles to campaign against child abuse, rape, human trafficking and domestic violence. I use my platforms to talk about relationship and marriage, teach about the importance of mental health in working environment and need to mordernise our educational system.


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