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Night after the voodoo – Part 3



Continued from last Saturday

“I HAVE applied the necessary things and did the love ritual as Baba Adifayokun directed me. Why is it not working?

Why is Kunle becoming angrier and violent towards me, despite the fact that I have charmed him with a love potion?” she asked herself several questions.


For one whole week there was no joy in the household of the Bamgbades.

Nothing seemed to work. She thought the step she had taken by consulting a fetish priest and collecting a love potion would make things work in her favour. But the reverse was the case.

Kunle was unreasonably and unnecessarily bitter and angry with his wife. His wife now looked like a demon in his eyes.

She looked like a man-eating monster or ogre to him.

And that was very unlike him. He hated her everyday and would attack her physically at the slightest provocation.

Yetunde knew she had to act fast lest she be thrown out of her matrimonial home as her marriage was heading for the rocks. She felt the only solution to her problems and travails would be the Almighty God.

She knew she had made a big mistake by indulging in voodoo and juju to win the love of her husband. Before her very eyes the love ritual she did backfired like a boomerang.

The following day she went to visit her close friend Mrs. Okikiola and she narrated her plight to the affable woman.

She opened up on her problems and predicament and after a long while, the woman advised her to go back to God in prayers and put the matter in God’s hand.

Then she started praying and fasting for two weeks consecutively. She abstained from all evil things that could smear and taint the holy spirit.

She went to the man of God in her place of worship and after the service, confessed her sins and begged God for the atonement of her sins.


That Sunday when she came back from her place of worship she went inside her room still praying fervently and with tears streaming down her brows.

Her husband, Kunle, opened her door gently, entered and hugged her endearingly, kissing her in the process.

He said: “Yetty darling, you know I love you…and I cannot do without you.

There was a development in my place of work recently and I was given more work and official responsibilities.

For a couple of weeks now I was so preoccupied with brainstorming official duties.

I can never and will never love another woman the way I love you. You are my heart and soul. I sincerely love you with every atom of my flesh and I mean it.

Nobody can take your place in my heart. You always give me so much joy and I appreciate you for all the sweet and lovely moments we’ve shared.”

Yetunde couldn’t believe her eyes and ears. She became instantly happy and excited.

“And you know what Yetty,” he added, “I have been promoted as the managing director in my place of work!

A brand new Toyota Venza car is waiting outside, which I recently bought for you as a show of my sincere love because you’re the love of my life…This is the key.”

“Oh, thank you Almighty God!” Yetunde jumped up in excitement, joy and enthusiasm.

That eventful night, they made love passionately and happily. Since that day onwards, genuine and true love reigned in their home and lives.

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