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Now is the time to set up your christmas tree


The amazing thing about Christmas is the natural beauty bestowed on the season from the first day of December, such that blows in air like magic irrespective of the weather condition. For believers, it is celebration time.

It is 11 days to Christmas today, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t set up your tree right about now, because the celebration of Christmas is not just about the designated day but the entire season, this season. Christmas tree and its decorative accessories, effortlessly welcome the holiday, while the aesthetic it bestows, turns your home into a magical place of joy.

Beyond the celebration of the birth of Christ for Christians, the Christmas tree is a beautiful reminder of the need to take a break, relax and enjoy with the family after a long year of hard work. The tree sets the mood for thanksgiving and gratefulness to the Almighty for the gift of life and good health.


Where to set up your tree with its colour lighting
The entrance of your apartment: The season doesn’t just stay in the air, but naturally finds it way into your genes, such that you not only want to be welcomed by a reminder of it, which is what the tree represents in the first place, but also have it welcome your world. Let people know it’s Christmas by simply erecting the trees to suit your entrance and install colour lighting.

The Living room: For Christmas trees, the living room is the focal point of any home and naturally a perfect place to erect your tree. It doesn’t matter whether you have all the space in the world, there are different sizes and shades of Christmas tree that would fit into your space however small or big.

Your bedroom: All you need is a simple and small table-top Christmas tree on your side stool in the bedroom with brief décor or just lightning.

Children’s room: However big a deal the season feels to you as an adult, for kids, it’s a bigger deal. Aside their birthday celebration, they practically live for the Christmas season to arrive, they love Christmas, and for them it is the most important holiday. It’s almost as though Christmas itself was initiated just for the kids. They feel it, they live it, they talk and even feed on the season. So you cannot afford not to decorate their room with the Christmas tree and all the beautifying accessories.

Choosing Your Christmas Tree Colour
The most common colour is the green tree, but there are three other beautiful colours: red, gold, and silver. Whatever colour you decide to go with is perfect. What is important is to ensure that they are not flooded with too many accessories and lightening, let the tree breathe. Remember, beauty is best reflected in simplicity.


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