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Nse Ikpe-Etim shows stuff in Return of King of Boys



You won’t miss Nse Ikpe- Etim in the sequel to Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys, which currently runs as a series on the streaming platform Netflix. An incredible talent, Nse’s delightful interpretation of the role of Jumoka Randle, wife to Governor Tunde Rahman, is one of the reasons that the engaging thriller is hailed in the acting department.
The actress, writer, engaging show host and Best Actress at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards in 2014, was believable in character. Nse, star of critically acclaimed movies such as Mr And Mrs, Phone Swap, Black November, Inale, A Hotel Called Memory and Shushh played her role to the hilt with most fans affirming that she is not just an actor’s actor of vast credit, but one of quality credits.
A theatre arts graduate of the University of Calabar, Nse showed stuff, was steady and her ability to immerse herself roles contributed in bringing the character’s essence to life. Now back to London, Moviedom engaged the Journey to Self star amidst preparations for her heartthrob’s birthday anniversary.

COVID-19 Didn’t Limit Screen Runs   
I MUCH rather like to say, the pandemic, which led to the global lockdown, came bearing gifts. It meant no global travel even when it did ease off; it was just enough to allow for work and travel locally. Production houses created jobs in a time when it was more gloom than boom. I was one of the lucky few and don’t take this for granted. 


KOB and Working With Kemi Adetiba
Working on the set of KOB: The Return of the King was a different and exciting experience. We shot through difficult times in the world and had nothing but ourselves to rely on. We had long days and sometimes no nights but in the end we are proud of the work we put in.

Kemi Adetiba is an extremely hard working person and she doesn’t stop working. This was very evident when we worked, but she always listened and is in constant touch with her actors. I absolutely loved the entire experience and would do it again in a heartbeat.

The ‘Smooth’ Journey Here
Well looking back now, I don’t think it was smooth in any way. The hardest thing is living up to any standard that’s been created for you. I like to think I focus more on the important things and don’t necessarily think I have done anything spectacular. But the journey here was not smooth in anyway.

There was a time when I contemplated quitting to do something else. Like anyone who’s suffered an impostors’ syndrome, you never quite think you are doing it right, but I don’t think I have felt going back to banking would fix it. Rather, when a new and challenging project comes by, I find myself being drawn in again. It’s a never-ending cycle. 

As for the gains and pains of the profession, the mere thought that invading people’s homes through our work and have them appreciate the effort is compelling; losing all forms of privacy can be bothersome. 


Not Done Anything Close to 100 movies
100 is a lot; I haven’t featured in anything close. As for my most memorable, I feel weird picking any one in particular. They all left me with something memorable—A Hotel Called Memory, Fifty, Mr and Mrs… just name them. They all left me with something memorable. But I loved playing the character in Fifty; she was special. But I am grateful to the directors I have worked with and their impact on me. I am also grateful for those productions. I haven’t reached the point that I will say I can’t do this anymore. So, I think I still have the most challenging roles ahead of me. It is still yet to come.

My Experience Working Internationally
It’s always exciting learning about new cultures and experiencing how other film industries work. It’s always about the experience for me unlearning. When I worked as a festival juror, I was opportune to see so many films, appreciate the hard work that goes into films and most importantly connecting with like minds. 


If I have a choice of another career outside acting
It will be cooking; I love cooking so much. Oh, this wasn’t part of the options. Directing, then. At least, I will still be able to show some form of art through my eyes and live the lives of the different characters through the actors. So, I will pick directing.

But I love to cook. I cook to unwind; I have a huge passion for it.
I love writing and it has remained an integral part of my entire being. I can’t stop writing. Also, I read when I want to relax, and I watch movies a lot. Most times, I love seeing my movies just to criticise them and to improve more on places I think I need to do more. So, I often take out time to rest if I have a small window to do so. As for what I have on my plate currently, I think my plate is empty at the moment, but I can say that I have got some unreleased works in the pipeline. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait. 

Good Looks And Career ambition
I don’t do anything extra to look the way I do; mother luck perhaps. I love good food and won’t give up a chance for a decent meal. Walking and Pilates are my go to daily routine. As for my career ambition, I would like to be an expert in my field of work and more so studying a lot more is definitely in the works. I don’t do anything extra to look good. 


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