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Old flame of love – Part 2

By Segun Durowaiye
14 September 2019   |   3:18 am
“Don't cry again, Kenny,” Tee said while mopping the tears off her lover’s face, “a single drop of your tear is an ocean of sadness in my heart. Come closer, feel the pain in my heart.

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“Don’t cry again, Kenny,” Tee said while mopping the tears off her lover’s face, “a single drop of your tear is an ocean of sadness in my heart. Come closer, feel the pain in my heart. I can never and will never love any other man the way I love you. We’re made for each other…”

That night, the duo parted on a sad note. Exactly two months later, Taiye got married to Engineer Kanmi under the authority and instruction of her parents. It was a marriage that gave no joy to the bride. It was like forcing a horse to the stream to drink water. The melancholy and glaring sadness was too much and weighed heavily on Tee’s mind. Every day, she was visibly unhappy and her husband, Kanmi, didn’t understand the reason for her being withdrawn and this unusual sadness, despite all the material things around her.

Kanmi was a man with a hard and rigid disposition. He was a short and stocky man, who was happier when in company with his business partners than his wife. He was a mean and no-nonsense kind of man. He would utter saucy and unprintable words to his wife at the slightest provocation. The sound and sight of money mattered to him most than his wife. They were glaringly strange and incompatible bedfellows. Tee lived in fear and awe of this seemingly tough man. Engineer Kanmi was the direct opposite of Kenny, Tee’s former lover and lacked those qualities that gave immeasurable joy to her.

It was so shocking and amazing that 12 years after Tee’s marriage to Kanmi, God was yet to bless her with the fruit of the womb. Kanmi went from pillar to post looking for a solution to Tee’s inability to conceive but all his efforts were fruitless. He tried both orthodox and traditional methods but got no positive results. He wasn’t as dedicated and loving as a husband should.

Surprisingly, fate dealt with Kenny in a mysterious way as the lady he married to 12 years ago didn’t bear him a child. Most times, he would be adrift in thoughts about Tee, his old-time lover. He was always sad, forlorn and listless. He often wondered how his former lover would be fairing in her marital life despite the long years of their separation.

Providence has a way of creating surprises and shocking human beings. This statement could be further explained by the sudden meeting of Kenny and Tee at a wedding ceremony of the Ibidunis in Abuja that fateful year. It was exactly 13 years later. Oh my, my! It was tears galore when they saw each other – tears of joy! The old flame of love was instantly ignited. No one could believe that after many years of separation, the passionate feeling they had for each other was still glowing fervently. Tee quickly excused her husband claiming she wanted to visit the ladies. Engineer Kanmi fell hook, line, and sinker for the ruse. He didn’t suspect something fishy.

“Kenny dear, what are you doing here in Abuja?” Tee asked, really filled with joy.

“I was transferred to Abuja from Lagos seven years ago,” Kenny replied, and with undiluted emotion, he continued, “I just can’t believe my eyes! Oh, I’m so happy to see you. The birds can’t be happy without the sky, likewise, the fishes won’t be happy when out of water.”