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Omoni and Nnamdi Oboli in the season of love


Oboli and husband. Photo: Bellaniaja

Screen diva Omoni Oboli takes time off a rigorous movie shoot to share the secret of her enduring marriage to her super cool husband and father of her lovely children, Nnamdi. The Oboli’s are our pick for Celebrity couple as the world just commemorated St. Valentine on February 14.

Nothing really. My husband is my friend and confidant, my lover and father of my children. We are married and wish to stay that way because we chose each other for that reason. I don’t think it’s anything different from any normal marriage, but it’s the responsible commitment we made before God to love and to cherish each other till death do us part. We fight, and we make up; we disagree, and we agree; we listen, and we sometimes don’t listen to each other.

In a nutshell, we have had those things that can make us stay with each other and what can also pull us apart, but we have chosen to rise above our differences, embracing them and building our home, because we weren’t brought up in the same home, though siblings still quarrel, to honour our love for each other, and more importantly, our commitment before God, to stay with each other come what may. All in all, it’s the grace of God, and we genuinely love each and like each other.

The Oboli’s And St. Valentine

Of course we do commemorate St. Valentine! Who doesn’t feel that special tingle in Valentine’s season? It is these little things that remind us to add spices to our marriages and to take note where we may have been feeling like we don’t measure up, or we don’t have what we want, or we may feel like our marriage isn’t as we wished it to be. Valentine’s Day is such a day we all, not just spouses, can take time to count our blessings and rejoice with our loved ones. So, Valentine, which has always been a special day for my husband and me, has beautiful memories as well with our children. 

To be honest, my plans or his has never revolved around Valentine’s seasons, but wherever we are, or whatever the situation, we try to make the most of it. Being with him, or talking with him if we happen to be apart on that day is always special, and if we happen to do more, it’s only a little more icing on the cake or spice in the soup. 

Balancing Work As Entertainer, Mother, Wife
First of all, I don’t feel like I have had to ‘handle’ my marriage. It’s just what it is, my marriage. Whatever we were going to be in the future when we got married was unknown to us back then, but our commitment at the altar was to encompass all the failures and successes that we may encounter and to see them as challenges that as a team we can rise above them together, when we may have failed if we were alone. It’s simply my marriage, and he is my husband, and I don’t believe either of us is handling anything because of the nature of my work. It has never felt like that. I’ve never felt him being insecure with me, nor has he given me cause to be the same with him. Like I said, we’re a team and handle situations together, and not ourselves. God handles us. Divorce was never in the table, and that is us. I can’t speak to all circumstances, but our story is that we fight together against whatever tries to separate us.

Word For Celebrities Wishing To Settle Down
I don’t have a word for celebrities wishing to settle down, because when it comes right down to it, being a celebrity in your own home may be counter productive to the marriage. Enjoy the fame and fortune, but don’t let it dictate how your spouse should relate to you. But to the men and women, whether you’re a celebrity or not, do not get so consumed with ‘settling’ that all sense of judgment flies out the window, and you find yourself unequally yoked together with your nightmare because of pressure to ‘settle down’. At the same time, don’t be so uptight that everyone you meet is constantly being measured by the poor standards of a past relationship or fairytale that shouldn’t be the measuring rod, thereby giving victory to the one who treated you badly while punishing the one who didn’t, or putting up such high expectations that only Jesus can measure up to. So pay attention, and don’t be an island; we build other relationships over the years so that they can be our eyes to see the flaws in those we profess to love. Flaws that we’re often blind to, and be open when those flaws are also yours.

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