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Once upon a mad lover – Part 1


“May the devil punish you crazy woman!” Haruna screamed at his wife that fateful Wednesday morning.

“If you don’t pack all your rotten loads and leave my house now, I will kill you and nothing will happen. Is that clear?” he added, while brandishing a shining cutlass.
The frail-looking woman was shaking, sweating and fidgeting. She could not understand the kind of husband she had married. She was totally fed up with the relationship. This situation had reached its peak.

Trembling, she scurried inside, took all her belongings and left in tears. She knew she was married to a totally wrong person. It was exactly six months in the relationship when Memunah ran, as she couldn’t endure any longer the assault and battery of her husband, who seemed infected with the tantrum disease.

“To hell with the ring and marriage vows,” the homely woman thought, as she headed for her parents’ house. ‘I’m happy that my parents will see me alive,” she added. Haruna Gaosaki was a very hot-tempered and aggressive man. His neighbours knew this and were helpless. That year, he turned 40.

On several occasions, neighbours had had to come in to separate and placate him whenever he beats his wife, Memunah. He behaved like a beast and was so mean and violent. He was about five feet tall, stocky and strong and had a string-like moustache and eyes that shone like that of a lion.

Haruna and his father-in-law must not see eye-to-eye, because they would exchange blows and fight. There was a cold war between him and his in-laws. In fact, his in-laws were against the relationship from the beginning and showed their displeasure.

Haruna was a chronic wife-beater and an unrepentant sadist. When he was in his usual bitter, angry and cantankerous mood, he would stammer, and bawled orders that would frighten his kind-hearted and soft-tempered wife.

When Memunah left, Haruna was desperately on the lookout for another woman. He was restless, as his libido haunted him so much and he hungrily desired to have another woman.
The fact was that when Haruna itched to get a woman, he would hide his bad, dirty and violent nature and no woman would suspect his negative sides. He would behave like Romeo, whose heart was filled with nothing, but pure, soft and tender love.

Immediately that particular woman was hooked in his love bait, he would show his true colours and beat the living daylight out of the unlucky woman. He was a man filled with foolish pride and deep-seated arrogance that no sane woman could live with him.

Haruna had a fight and confrontation with his landlord at his present house and he was served quit notice and soon moved out to another house in a rich neighbourhood. When Haruna set his eyes on Adufe, the ravishingly beautiful daughter of his new landlord, he used all the tricks in love encyclopaedia to seduce the young angel.

As luck would have it, his amorous advances paid off, as Cupid’s arrow struck the heart of the highly delectable 19-year-old girl, who fell deeply in love with him, unknown to her that she was dining and wining with the devil himself. The pretty lass was young enough to be his daughter.
(To be concluded next week)

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