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One Hell Of A Night! (1)


IT was one of the grandest weddings of the 80s. Talking about Kassim Oyemade’s wedding to his sweetheart, Tinu. All the moneybags, celebrities and top government functionaries were there.

Kassim looked every inch a fulfilled man to be lucky to ‘hook’ such a beautiful damsel as Tinu. Kassim himself was a ladies’ man any day. He was rich, tall and handsome. What more would a lady want in a man? Throughout the marriage ceremony, it was all pomp and pageantry.

The couple laughed, joked and hugged each other as they pledged the usual ‘I do’ in front of the church’s altar and God’s minister. But that is not the end of the story. Some very deadly and sinister things did happen years later.

As the years rolled by, Kassim’s wealth increased abundantly. He was into supply of building materials and contracts. Ten years into the marriage, Tinu had four beautiful daughters for her husband. They were both very happy. But here comes the most painful and heart-rending revelation.

Tinu was dating another man – a military officer! Why must a woman pampered and well-taken care of by her husband flirt with another man? That is the most intriguing question of all times. Kassim was a good lover and responsible family man. He loved Tinu and showed it. But Tinu, to be precise, had some undisclosed reasons why she flirted with Banjo, the military officer. It was a secret love affair.

Banjo always phoned Kassim’s duplex at the Ikeja GRA whenever Kassim was on a business trip out of town. Most times he’d come visiting Tinu and they’d make love right inside Kassim’s bedroom! Tinu and Banjo’s relationship metamorphosed into something very deep and inseparable. There were times Banjo would phone Tinu and coincidentally Kassim would be at home.

“Yes ma…yes ma…bye…bye ma…” was what the housemaid always said at such moments. Tinu had warned Tawa, the housemaid, that whenever such things happen she should make sure Kassim never suspected anything and should pretend as if she was talking to a female friend of hers. There was a time Kassim detected it was a male voice. He grabbed the receiver from Tawa’s hand and sternly warned the caller (Banjo) that he should desist from calling his home again and banged the phone. But the adulterous affair continued, as Tinu and Banjo were undeterred.

“Why do you have to do this to me?” asked Kassim one day on realizing the unfaithfulness of Tinu. But Tinu was as cunning and full of wiles that Kassim soon fell for her antics.

“He’s my brother and nothing more,” Tinu replied, and Kassim believed her wholeheartedly.

Tinu’s infidelities continued and unabated, but it got to an unbelievable twist and crescendo when she discovered that she was pregnant for Banjo! She realized it was two months pregnancy.

“What shall we do now?” she asked Banjo, who was busy sipping champagne and puffing the smoke from his tobacco in his cosy office.

“Do to what?” replied Banjo, “you have to leave it alone.” he said. “It’s the fruit of our labour, so let it germinate, you hear me,” he added.

And that was it! Tinu let the pregnancy grow, and on reaching home that day he told Kassim she was pregnant for him! Kassim was very happy and overjoyed.

“Oh, my God! I thank you!” Kassim exclaimed elatedly. “Ah! God, make this a boy this time around!” the fact was that Kassim, who had four girls within 10 years was in dire need of a boy and felt that Tinu’s new pregnancy should be a boy. It was a most touching situation because the pregnancy Kassim was excited about wasn’t his. Exactly seven months later Tinu delivered. Surprisingly, it was a baby boy! Kassim was extremely happy. He thanked God for answering his prayers. Eight days later they did the christening ceremony of the new baby. It was a big party they had. Kassim spent nothing less than N500,000 for the ceremony. The little baby boy was very handsome and looked exactly like Banjo, the military officer, since it was his baby. But this fact was unknown to Kassim, who had not seen Banjo before in his life. The baby boy was named Okanlawon. This name literally means a break from having many daughters.

As the boy grew older, he began to look more like Banjo. The resemblance was just too much! Kassim all along thought Okanlawon was his own blood – he loved the little boy with his whole heart. When the boy was a year old Kassim threw a fantastic birthday party for him. Tinu all the while kept the secret to herself and whenever Kassim went on business and leisure trips out of the country he took Okanla along at times. Kassim and his ‘sweet little pet’ were inseparable – it was a frenzied and highly enthusiastic love. Tinu, at times, took Okanla to Banjo, his biological father, whenever Kassim was not around. Banjo was full of great love for the little boy, particularly since the boy looked like him.

Trouble started rearing its ugly head five years later when Banjo began to worry Tinu that he needed to have his son, Okanla. That eventful day Tinu was on her way back from Okanla’s school, where she had gone to pick him. She decided to branch at Banjo’s office, and a hot conversation ensued:

“Tinu,” Banjo began, “I’d love to have my son back. I want him back at all cost!”

“What are you saying?” she replied.

“D’you know that I’m legally married woman?” she protested, “the boy is his life!”

“I don’t care or give a damn whose ox is gored. I want to my son,” Banjo stressed sarcastically.

“Banjo darling,” Tinu said, “you must understand something, there’s no way you can have that child unless we kill Kassim or he dies of natural cause.”

“Then what are we waiting for? His death means nothing to me; all I know is that I want my son back,” Banjo said.

“Come closer,” Tinu said, “this is how we’d do it,” she whispered into his right ear.

That fateful day, Tinu and Banjo reached a conclusion that they had to poison Kassim and kill him secretly. That chilly night when Kassim got home, Tinu prepared his meal and sprinkled a poisonous chemical into his food. Alas, Kassim unsuspectingly ate the meal, but halfway he developed stomach upset.

“Phew!” he sputtered, “Tinu, come here quickly! I’m not feeling fine! God!”

“What’s the matter, darling?” she said as she came running, instantly Kassim summoned courage and staggered towards the phone. He was about dialing but fell down. Tinu made a false pretence to help him in his trouble…
To be concluded next week Saturday.

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