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Only in Nollywood movies…


Have you noticed that the theme of most Nollywood movies shot in English is all about kingship tussle, inheritance rift between siblings or the inability of a king to have a Male heir to the throne and eventually, a long lost child will surface out of the blues and or one of the palace maids will get pregnant for him after a moment of indiscretion on the part of the king and that will spark another round of tussle between the maid and the king’s harem that has not been able to bear any child all these years? 

T4T can go on and on, but then, you already know where this is headed… same direction. Before one forgets, it is only in Nigerian movies that a billionaire must always have ONE female child that a poor young man will help fix her broken down car on the road and that will trigger a love affair between them which the billionaire father or mother will strongly kick against because the man is too ‘poor’ to be married to their daughter. 


The most over flogged one is the money ritual theme. A young man from a poor home will struggle through school. Then, life challenges will overwhelm him. He cannot get a good job, even if he got one, he would be fired in no time. He will resort to do menial jobs to eke a living and then one day, he will run into his village childhood friend in an exotic car with a large entourage and to cut the story short, he will beg him to show him how he made his money and after some hesitation, the friend will either take him to his powerful cult or to a ‘babalawo’ and boom, money don come! He will start to ‘oppress’ people who had ridiculed him in the past when he was poor. Then, the cult or ‘baba’ will demand for his wife or mum or any of his other loved ones as ‘payment’ for the wealth and he will then run to a pastor who will ‘deliver’ him. End of story!

So, the question here is, are these the only themes that sell Nigerian movies or the scriptwriters and producers are just only intellectually lazy? 


Bottomline is, see one Nollywood movie, you have seen all!
That Sunday Igboho ‘Yooba Nesan’ Blogger

SUNDAY Igboho, popularly referred to as Yoruba Activist, is currently being detained in a Cotonou, Benin Republic correctional facility over alleged forgery. That is not the news.

Recall that prior to fleeing the country, Nigeria’s secret police, the DSS raided the activist who calls himself ‘Yooba Nesan’ activist Ibadan home and arrested 12 of his aides. Well, that is still not the story here.

The story is, among the 12 aides (10 had been released) is one popular blogger and she is being referred to now, as a ‘Yoruba Blogger’, Lady K. Pray, is there an Igbo or Urhobo or Hausa blogger? T4T wondered aloud until he listened to the Facebook live broadcast Lady K made at about 2am on the day the DSS raided Igboho’s home and arrested the female blogger and others.

She first stared for over a minute at the phone or whatever other device she was using for the Facebook live and then spoke in Yoruba briefly. She then switched to English, which was a mistake no doubt because what came out was “Nigerian ‘sholjas’ (soldiers) are attacking Chief Sunday Igboho house. They are ‘sooting’ (shooting) now, it is around 2am. Please help me to ‘chair’ (share) this video. Please ‘chair’, ‘chair’, ‘chair’…
Aunty, now I know why the press referred to you as ‘Yoruba blogger’, whatever that means. 


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