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Philosophical mindset of a professor


In many respect, professorship is conferred only on senior academic staff in the higher institutions of learning, and it takes only those identified with strong philosophical characters to assume that elated position. The professor’s mindset and behaviours are not definable. They are replete with ideas and nuances that are shaped over a long period of time. Ordinary individuals may not necessarily be aware of their own mindset neither are they conversant with their behaviours. But professors are. That’s why they are knowledge per excellence.

The professor’s philosophy is not restricted to academics alone; it cuts across the socio-economic and political actions, thereby, extending transparent philosophical cultures leading to the entire social development.

Though, the professor’s behaviour and attitude toward students frequently changes, there are often time for normal conversation, and also, time to appear aggressive. Fortunately, the existing individual differences are more visible during normal interactions. They do not use their status to blur daily conversations, as part of their philosophies agree that they should learn from ignorance so as to procure knowledge of ignorance, irrespective of the age, qualification, dedication and commitment, competence, maturity and other outstanding qualities peculiar to them.

Professors the social remote control

Knowledge and philosophies are needed to foster development in developing nations, hence the quest of those individuals with reach philosophical mindset. Developed societies tend to value them more than the military generals, high-ranking police officers and other top governmental officials considering their effort toward fostering development to enhance the standard social and cultural equipment.

Societies should, therefore, strive to give additional values to the creative minds and toe the lines of their predictions and postulations within the social context. Government of all levels should also strive toward motivating them both financially and morally so as to cope with some likely hitches that will threaten their existence.

• Vwa is of the Department Of Mass Communication, University Of Maiduguri

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