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Pimp up your children’s room this holiday

By Maria Diamond
30 July 2022   |   2:40 am
Children are on a long vacation and it is good to sometimes give them a deserving ambience to stay in all day long.

Children are in long vacations and it is good to sometimes give them a deserving ambience to stay all day long.

There is a need to expose the kids to something different from their classroom and dormitory space, something worthy of a resumption essay on where they spent their holiday if required by their teachers.

So get to work and pimp up their rooms with everything that fascinates them but more importantly everything that gets their intellect active and makes them creative, something soothing and relaxing.
This is because, with children’s spaces, the ambience has to be all-encompassing, a combination of play items, intellectual items and mind-soothing items that help the kids to relax afterwards. All of these in their space would keep them so busy, that you wouldn’t have to worry about them getting into any form of trouble or mishap.

However, it is imperative to keep the following in mind while revamping your children’s room:
. Keep it simple – Steer clear of ambiguous decor.
. Make the most of the space
. Focus on play space – leave enough open space for free movement and running around.
. Play with colours but keep it minimal, as excess colours can be unsettling.
. Incorporate pattern and texture – Texture helps to strengthen a child’s motor skills.

For instance, gripping, holding, squeezing, stacking, poking, pouring or scooping items of various textures help children strengthen their muscles.

Patterns help children learn to make predictions, to understand what comes next, to make logical connections, and to use reasoning skills.

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