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Plan B… Applause for Kemi Adekomi’s first big fruit as director

By Shaibu Husseini
22 January 2022   |   2:46 am
It was a well-attended private screening. All the seats in the belly of Screen 2 of Viva Cinema Ikeja, the venue of the private screening of Kemi Adekomi’s debut effort as a director

Kemi Adekomi

It was a well-attended private screening. All the seats in the belly of Screen 2 of Viva Cinema Ikeja, the venue of the private screening of Kemi Adekomi’s debut effort as a director, Plan B, was occupied by big names in Nollywood and notable figures in the entertainment and media industry.

The roll call of quality guests include veteran actress Abiola Atanda who is popular as madam Kofo, veteran producer and director Zeb Ejiro who is popular as ‘Sheik’, General Manager of the National Theatre Professor Sunnie Ododo, the actor and producer Emeka Ossai, the actor Ricardo Agbo, the actress, philanthropist and producer Queeneth Agbor and Lagos State Chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Mojisola Oyetayo who is popular as Mama Ajasco.

They all came to see what the actress, compere, interior decorator, On-Air Personality and producer, popular as Kemistrydiva, would make of her directorial debut. And the producer of Vendetta and The Last Straw did not disappoint as attested to by the movie ‘Sheik’ Zeb Ejiro and the Head of School of the EbonyLife Creative Academy Theart Korsten.

In fact, Ejiro had to request a standing ovation for the microbiology graduate of the Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State, who joined Nollywood a little over a decade and a half ago and a standing ovation she got.

“This is more than a directorial debut. The movie is gripping, suspense-filled and engaging. See how she held us captive with just a few characters in a single location. This is brilliantly done. I commend Kemi and this has shown that she will go very far as a director,” Ejiro said to Moviedom shortly after the private screening of the movie that revolves around a mother who is thrown into confusion on whether to be on the side of her adopted son or stand for the truth when she discovers that the lady her son brought home as his fiancée was legally married with children.

The movie stars notable actors such as Ricardo Agbor, Christy Okonkwo and Queeneth Agbor.

With over twenty movies to her credit and some others still at various stages of production, Kemi said her decision to call the shots was a way of fulfilling an ambition that she has nursed for some time now.

In her words: “that ambition is to interpret stories the way I want and to really see my artistic vision come to life. I have produced a number of films and there are times when I feel that there is something more that can go into the movie and the only way I can add that thing is if I am the one calling the shots. So, I began to understudy all the directors I worked with as producers and I also took some lessons online. I am hoping that I will take a directing course soon. But it is something I love doing and I am grateful for all the words of encouragement, especially from respected icons like Uncle Zeb Ejiro and Emeka Ossai.”

Star of some critically acclaimed movies such as Suspect Zero, Embassy Series, Street Kid, Truce, A Rough Ride, Once Upon A Lion, Vendetta, On My Honour, Lola The Movie and Forbidden, when Kemistry is not working, she spends her off-screen periods reading and staying in touch with the family.

“I read a lot. I have e-books and I have started gathering books on directing and on filmmaking generally. I also like board games like scrabble and of late I realised that I enjoy visiting leisure places, which I really didn’t enjoy before. But hey, I am so loving it now,’’ she enthused.

What of her likes and dislikes? She cuts in, “I like humour. Anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh a lot; I love realness and I love to work. I dislike dirtiness and laziness and backbiters; I generally run away from negative vibes. Some say I need to try to stand firm in situations, but by nature, I would rather walk away from anything that gives me stress. It weighs me down or kills my creativity. But I love to laugh a lot.”

And career ambition? Kemistry offers this one-liner: “To be a filmmaker with a difference.”