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Please, I need your advice


Unhappy couple

[File] Couple

My partner and I had been together for over five years. We broke up for three months and at that point, I really believed it was over and I was very down about our break-up.

Weeks after we split, we had no real contact and I slept with someone else a couple of times.

A short time later, an opportunity came up for us to try and sort things out, which I took advantage of. Though we were still separated, but we saw each other whilst in this break.

Throughout this time, I didn’t go near anyone or had anything to do with any man again, but I never told my ex I had slept with someone else when we separated.

After a few months, we came back happily together, but the big issue now is the person I slept with told someone else who wants to tell my partner. If my partner finds out, I don’t believe we will be together anymore, it will be the end for good.

I believe I have two options: It is either I tell my partner what happened with a very high possibility of losing each other for good, or risk it coming out and denying it. It may even never come out at all, but it is possible. And if it doesn’t come out, then we would continue to be happy.

If it does, then it would be over for good anyway. Or, I try to explain that we were not together? What do I do? I am stuck in a real situation with this. Any advice would be helpful. I really do not know what to do.

Re- Is It Obsession?
TO be candid with you, his case might be worse than yours, in that he might have his own dirty secrets that he never told, probably from the past or even presently.

Everyone one makes mistakes and we don’t have to continue to dwell on that, especially when he/she realise him or herself and decides to turn a new leaf.

The fact is that if he really loves and respects you, he wouldn’t put you in such circumstance.

My advice is, sit him down and tell him point blank that you cannot be in a relationship without trust and stalking you is making you uncomfortable.

Ask him if he really loves you, because if he does, he should trust you. Without trust, there is no true love.

I guess you would know what to do from his response. Everyone deserves to be happy, no matter what.

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