Thursday, 19th May 2022
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Puppy Pound: Nigerian teen pop group and the beauty of their collective sound

The fusion of two or more music genres can produce something as pleasant as Burna Boy’s

The fusion of two or more music genres can produce something as pleasant as Burna Boy’s

music which combines elements of pop, reggae and dancehall music; or Asa’s compound sound that blends jazz music with aspects of traditional folklore. “Puppy Pound”, a group of three teenagers are fusing pop, soul and rap elements to create a style of music that is preferably called “Afro-fusion music” – “fusion” – a combination of genres and the “Afro” is music made primarily for the African music market, and to be specific, the Nigerian music market.

The trio – Rott, Bichon and Shepherd of “Puppy Pound” set off to make an impression with their genre-fusing style of music. The group first released a song titled “Body”, which has a heavy influence of dance-friendly pop music with traces of other genre elements. On their next record, “Olayinka”, elements of soul and Hip-hop music were made to be conspicuous; and the lyrical expressions made in Yoruba helped the love song gain popularity in some parts of Lagos – a city that holds a reputation as the Entertainment capital of the nation, and in extension, Africa.

Their latest single titled “Lookrie” is playful, full of vibe and happy-go-chappy in its delivery. Puppy Pound even seized opportunity to shout-out their favourite music industry lookries some of which include Davido, Tiwa Savage, Tunde Ednut, DJ Cuppy, Falz the Bahd guy, Olamide and Wizkid.

The diversity in their sound has helped the group appeal to a wider range of listeners. The danceable nature of their music endears it to music loving teenagers and youths; likewise the

Hip-hop aspect of their music. The element of soul music introduced to their songs seems to make it easier for non-youths to connect with their music.

Unlike several other up and coming acts who usually experience delays in reaching a diverse range of listeners, Puppy Pound is already able to secure the interest of listeners of different age groups, social classes and music interests, with their early materials; to appreciate the beauty of sound diversity, especially from teen age artistes who are committed using the art to entertain and impact lives on the global stage.

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