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Queen Nwokoye: Stalking delectable queen of moviedom


Queen Nwokoye

If you ask any keen observer of trends in Nollywood to point to an actress that should be crowned queen of the core Nollywood acting skies, you are sure that observer will point at the popular Nollywood actress Queen Nwokoye. The Sociology and Anthropology graduate of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka is undoubtedly a leading actress in the sector.

An actress of vast credit and extraordinary beauty who has had more than a steady run in the movie since she joined the industry in 2004, Queen has continued to reign over the Nigerian home video scene and has outlasted a few of her peers in terms of sustained relevance at the apex. Not only because of her grace, beauty, artistic carriage, and devotion to the job, but because the Anambra State-born actress is simply a naturally talented actress.


Generally viewed as a gem that has remained unshaken and unbeatable, Queen star of hit flicks like ‘Speak the Word’, ‘My Everlasting Love’ and the best-selling movie ‘’Ada Mbano’ recently broke the Internet when she shared stunning pictures, with her dressed as a queen to mark her birthday. Moviedom launched a search party for the actress of vast credit and in this encounter, the humble and cultured actress speaks about her career and life….

Taking The Back Seat
I have not taken the back seat; I have also not really disappeared from the industry or from the scene. It is just that I have not been working as much as I used to. You know back then, I was single and all alone, so I can afford to be away for a long time and jump from one location to the other. But now that I have a family and a toddler at home, I had to slow down because I want to spend time with her. I don’t want her to get used to just house-helps; I don’t want her to feel alone.

So most of the time, I have to share between staying at home, taking care of her and making my presence felt, and going out to work. So, the balance between both is what I don’t have a choice unless you want to be a mother that won’t be taking care of her baby. She is still a baby, so this is the time she needs a lot of attention of a mother. That is why I made the decision to space out the jobs I accept.


It is about sharing the time between my home and job but given a greater part of my attention to my home. I mean if I focus so much on the work and forget my duty as a mother, people will talk. So it is just to have a balance so one aspect does not suffer.

The Journey Here Has Been Good
I have gone past the 15 years mark as an actress, having joined the industry in 2004. But it has been good all the way down here; the journey here has been wonderful. I have put in a lot of work, a lot of tears, sweat and at the end of the day, the most important thing is that it paid off. And I am very happy that I was able to achieve my main goal of going into the industry which is doing something I love. So for me, it’s been a very good journey.

Staying Power
My staying power is God; He has been there. I have never depended on my own abilities, so it is God. He has been with me all through. Then the passion I have for the profession. A lot of people find me very easy to work with. But the main reason is God. Honestly, without Him, I won’t be there.


Gain and Pain Of The Profession
Well, every good thing has its gains and its pains. The gains of my career being the job satisfaction you get doing what you love doing; that is the best gain for me. Also, the fact that you can be anything you want to be on screen. The fact that you can interpret different roles and get paid for them.

For pain, I will say not living your life like you would have wanted to. First of all, I am a private person. Sometimes, I just want to walk down and do certain things and just come back, and you just find out that you can’t easily do so. And then, sometimes when you read things about yourself on blogs and websites, you are like, ‘where and when did this happen?’ Basically, that is just it. Definitely, for me, the gain is more than the pain and I don’t dwell on the pain actually.

Chances That You May Quit Acting
Quit to where? No. This is something I really love, so the chances of anything or anyone asking me to quit is very slim. I can’t think of anything, for now, that can make me stop this. Instead of leaving, I can strike a balance and still remain in my first love. My first love is acting, my second is acting and my third is acting.


What You Do To Look Good
Well, honestly, I don’t do anything extraordinary. I mean I don’t go out of my way to look good. I know I used to work out, but I am not regular again. However, I do a lot of fruits and water. I think also that I am just blessed. As for my favourite food and colour, my favourite food used to be and is still breadfruit.

I like white as colour and when I am not working, I stay indoors with the family. I am an indoor person. I can be indoors for months, as long as I have enough movies, novels to read and there is a network on my phone. I don’t go out. I just want to chill at home, relax and play with my daughter and family.

Movie Credits
I would have featured in over 200 movies since I started out and for me, every movie comes with its own challenges. But I think ‘Ada Mbano’ is one movie that I find very memorable. I am originally from Anambra State and to play that role, I had to speak the Mbano dialect that I never heard until I went on that set. It was really challenging for me because it took me a while to get a grip of the language. But it will remain memorable for me because it was the movie that really announced me after years of working hard in the industry. It earned me the stage name Ada Mbano. So, I can’t forget ‘Ada Mbano’.


Another movie that I find memorable is ‘Speak The Word’. It was very emotional. When it came out, the reviews were positive. ‘Chettana’ is memorable too; it earned me my first AMAA award nomination. I also got ZAFAA and BON nominations for my role in ‘Chettana’. Then, there is ‘Excess Luggage’ which earned me the AMVCA nomination. But I think Ada Mbano is the most memorable because people still call me by that name. I think Mbano people owe me a chieftaincy title. They do because it is not easy to speak that dialect.

Career Ambition
My career ambition is to get to the top of my career and to continue to remain relevant. I want to be regarded as one of the biggest actresses and producers in the continent of Africa. Yes, I will eventually combine acting with producing. Once I am ready, I will come out with a bang.


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