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Re- consequences of marrying a younger man


Husband and wife in park

Your husband’s behaviour is driven by two different, but very powerful, emotions: attachment and sexual desire.

(In all likelihood, you husband is deeply attached to you.

He wants you in his life and he draws comfort and security from your relationship.


At the same time, however, sexual desire is a very powerful motivator and more often than people like to acknowledge, these two fundamental emotions pull people in opposite directions.

We all want a partner and companion with whom we can share our life.

And most people want an active and satisfying sex life.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to maintain a passionate and sexually exciting relationship over the course of time.

Couples have the most passionate and intense sex in the first couple of years together.

Gradually, couples have sex less often and with less intensity the longer they have been together.

This does not mean that couples cannot have a long-term sexually satisfying relationship, but it does indicate that passion and intensity fade with time.

The Coolidge Effect

For some people, the passion and intensity of sex is extremely rewarding and addictive.


And to experience that kind of intensity requires having sex with someone new—a novel experience.

This phenomenon is referred to as the Coolidge Effect.

Although it can be difficult to acknowledge, and it goes against most people’s morals, diversity in sexual partners can be extremely gratifying.

When people are confronted with these two powerful emotions, attachment and sexual desire, they often do what the husband has done: lie and cheat.

To make matters more complicated, we now live in an age where people idealize the notion of love and intimacy.

Our close, romantic relationships are supposed to be perfect, full of passion, intimacy, and unconditional love.

Society, media, and our culture have created an image of romance and love that is nearly impossible to achieve.

As a result, the idealization of intimacy has left people feeling alienated, inadequate, and incomplete.

Our expectations of love and romance are extremely high, but our human nature makes this difficult and often leaves people broken hearted.

So, what to do?

Will your husband change? Probably not?
Would you be better off with or without your husband? Only you know the answer to that question. ”
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