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Restless ghost of a lover – Part 1


Charles Igunoba and Monica had been dating each other right from their secondary school days.

It was one of those childhood love experiences with all its frenzied emotion.

Surprisingly, after their secondary education, they gained admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.


Their flaming love continued to blossom without any hitch and there was no cause for alarm.

They were even lucky to attend the same university and they had promised to get married after their university education.

Charles studied Electrical Engineering while Monica read Microbiology and everything looked perfect. It was like the relationship was consummated in heaven.

Charles was a tall and handsome young man while Monica was a beautiful lady.

It’s amazing how time flies! Before the mention of ‘love’ the two people had graduated from the university and it was exactly 15 years since they started courting.

At this very time, Charles felt he had had enough of Monica and decided to renege on their love promises by going to the altar with another lady by name Rachael.

This action, Monica assumed, was based on the philosophy of ‘eating the banana and throwing away the peel’ or ‘licking the honey till the last drop and killing the bee.’

It became a big surprise to Monica how Charles could use her for exactly 15 years, raising her hope and then, dumped her just like that, like a ragged and worn out clothe.

She made up her mind to show him her true colour. William Shakespeare said, in one of his prodigious works that, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

That was why she bared her fangs that Sunday evening and sputtered: “Ha, you don’t mess around with Monica and go scot-free! I’ll show Charles that no one can use the puff adder snake for a tie!”

Monica, by nature, was a hot-tempered lady and full of vengeance but she had kept this other side of her disposition secret to Charles while the relationship lasted, thinking Charles was a saint and perfect man.

But now that things had taken a bad turn, she swore by the devil that she would spit fire and sting Charles like a most poisonous scorpion!

The real reason why Charles dumped Monica was because of her hot temperament and nothing else.

Really, no one can endure and get along steadily with people who are full of terrible anger and unreasonably irascible.

A date had been fixed for the wedding ceremony between Charles and Rachael.

Preparation for the big day was in the offing. Monica had some sinister and treacherous plans up her sleeves. She was in a bitter and grave mood.

Her pent up emotions was indescribable and her heart was filled with devilish vengeance and acerbity.

When it was about a week to the grand wedding ceremony, Monica visited Charles in his house and did the unthinkable and shocking thing that took everyone by surprise.

On entering Charles’ apartment, Monica threw caution to the winds and destroyed his property like a devastating hurricane.

Material possessions worth several thousands of Naira were damaged by the rampaging and utterly annoyed young lady.

The fury and anger she exhibited that day reminded one among the many memorable aphorisms in the holy scripture that: “The heart of man is desperately wicked.” Charles was dumbfounded and worried.

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