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Retain your glow despite harmattan


• Slay With Appropriate Outfits

It’S that season of dry breeze, filled with dust and cold peculiarity that not only leave your skin flaky if not properly cared for, but also demands cover-up outfits for optimum protection.

Though ebbing a bit in some parts of the country, the cold dry wind from the Mediterranean, which hit us hard early in the year, is still in the air.While some might argue that harmattan is not snow, and may not necessarily need total cover-up or extra skincare, it is important to note that the toxicity of the weather will definitely accumulate dead skin cells, leaving your skin scaly.

The Extra Care Your Skin Needs This Harmattan
Extra care does not necessarily imply extra skin care products, but additional application of your regular moisturizers and routines that would keep your skin glow despite the toxic weather.
. For starters, it is important to steer clear of cold bath especially your face, so as to avoid contracting your skin pores. You do not necessarily need to have hot baths, but endeavour to maintain lukewarm or warm bath morning and night.
. Use oily facial cleanser; it is appropriate for dry skin.
. If you must use toner, don’t use coarse kind.
. All you need as body lotion this harmattan season is a good moisturizer irrespective of your skin type.
. Finally, it is very important to have healthy meals with a lot of vegetable and keep yourself constantly hydrated by drinking plenty of water, which will in turn hydrate your skin from within.

Harmattan Makeup Tips For Women
. No, you don’t need a heavy makeup this season irrespective of the occasion, as you need to give room for your pores to breathe. So it is best to keep your makeup light and very simple.
. Keep the brows simply carved, apply mild concealer, foundation, power, mascara and eye shadow.
. Your lips are going to be extremely sensitive during this season due to the delicate vertical lines and dull texture, which may cause it to crack if not properly hydrated with good lip balm or glossy lipsticks. So take note.

Harmattan Outfits That Slay
One of the attributes of good dressing sensibility is to know what to wear for each season. And for this season, cover-up outfits will definitely rock your stunning personality whilst keeping your skin safe. So erase the notion that you can only slay when certain parts of your body is exposed.


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