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Shinning star of Kannywood ‘Bintu Dadin Kowa’


Not all acting talents hit the right notes when they come into the movie industry. Some take so many years to hug the limelight, but there are a few that come in and in just a twinkle, shoot up and become the darling of the movie crowd. Enter the delectable Kannywood actress, Fatima Sa’id Abdullahi, who is popular as ‘Bintun Dadin Kowa.’

The star of the popular drama series by Arewa24, Dadin Kowa, which chronicles the life of modern day typical Hausa man and his lifestyle, has in less than four years of her incursion into the screen acting vocation, warmed herself into the hearts of the movie crowd in the Kano-based movie industry called Kannywood.

Described by close friends and colleagues as dependable, hardworking and humble, Fatima said though she had always wanted to interprete roles and through it, educate people and bring about change in society, she caught the acting bug after watching tons and tons of Hausa and Indian films.

“I was something of a film buff. I could watch movies from morning till night. It was from there that the interest developed and straight away, I made up my mind to go out and look for audition notices,” she reminisced.She said the search for a spot in movies was not particularly, being new, as most new entrants without a referral have to go the extra mile, sometimes having to wait endlessly at audition venues before they are given a chance to audition.

Although Fatima hinted that she combed the streets of Kano seeking placements, she added that she didn’t have to go too far before she was able to convince some producers and directors that she could interprete roles delightfully. Her first appearance on any movie set was in a romantic movie titled, Baba Zubairu, and it took her effort in that movie for her career shivel chair to turn.

Impressed by her deft interpretation of her role, producers sought her out and invited her to be part of their next projects. It was one of those invitations that landed her a role in Dadin Kowa, which has earned her an alias and endeared her to lovers of Kannywood movie and those who love movies produced in Hausa.

Always well-dressed and the first to flash a honest smile at even those she is meeting for the first time, Fatima had a running battle with her parents when she took the decision to start a career in acting, as they didn’t approve of it. Like most people, they perceive movie practitioners negatively and so never wanted their names associated with those that considered wayward and never do wells.

But as she said, with time, she was able to convince her parents to allow her follow her heart, after assuring them that she would do everything to protect their names and also focus on building her career. “My parents are my biggest fans now. They are very proud of me. They pray for me always,” she quipped.

A devout Muslim and high school graduate, who hope to return to school soon to further her education, Fatima hinted that she spends her past time watching movies, cooking and attending to family, neighbours and friends. “I am in door person. I like to stay around family and friends. I enjoy their company,” she said.

A huge fan of didactic movies, Fatima believes that movies should not just entertain, but should also enlighten and make them more aware and knowledgeable about developments around them. Given an opportunity to sign a movie as producer, Fatima said she would be too glad to sign movies that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Nigerian people and the Hausa in particular.

She also said that would be too glad to sign movies that would teach the right cultural and religious values, adding: “Films should not just be about entertainment, but should also be about touching lives and changing society. “I am always exited to read and hear people say that they enjoy our movies and that our movies have taught them life lessons. That is enough reward or gain for me as an actress.”

An actress with her eyes on the top, Fatima enthused she is in the industry to play a long game, saying: “There is no stopping me. This is all that I want to do. This gives me joy. “I may quit when I get married, because in this part, our culture and religion does not allow married ladies to be found so much in public places. It restricts movement. “So, it will only be on that basis that I will quit. Otherwise I will continue to do this because I find it fulfilling.”

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