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The glowing fire of valentine – Part 2



Meanwhile he was folding the letter. He tucked it in a brown envelope and handed it to Yomi, who took it and left the room immediately.

Yomi was a slender young man, easy-going and understanding by nature.

He was an undergraduate at the University of Calabar, who came home just for a short stay with his parents.


It coincidentally happened that Lolita, Femi’s new-found love, lived beside Yomi’s house. That day, when Yomi reached home, he made it his first duty to deliver Femi’s letter to Lolita.

On reaching Lolita’s house, he was fortunate to see her personally and gave her the letter.

Lolita thanked him, as she was extremely glad to hear from Femi. But truly, Lolita was a beauty among beauties, a rare gem.

She had all it takes to make a man wag his tongue and go up in flames of desire. Words alone are not enough to describe her seraphic beauty.

She was the perfect reincarnation of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

Fairly tall, her skin was dazzlingly light, her eyeballs seductive and sparklingly white, with her boobs round and well-shaped, her glittering white teeth something no man could resist. Everything about her was graceful and enchanting.

Lolita opened the envelope delicately with smiles radiating her brows and began to read.

Every now and then, she smiled and sighed, then she laughed softly. She was so happy reading those romantic lines from Femi. She had never seen someone so full of desire for her and who could express it confidently on paper. She thought she must not disappoint him. Yes, she had vowed to be loyal.

Femi, too, had all it takes to be a complete man, talking about fine personality and character. He was fairly built and handsome. Femi was a corps member serving in Lagos.


She read it with rapt attention and her spirits were instantly elated. She stood up after finishing the last lines, which read: “Yours in love.”

She punctuated it with a rather sensuous smile again. Lolita was happy throughout that day and had a sound sleep thinking of Femi.

But the next day, which was Saturday, the day they were to visit the National Arts Theatre, something bad happened.

Femi came as promised, but it happened that not quite a few minutes after he arrived, he saw something that gave him the greatest shock of his life; he saw Lolita alighting from a sleek, white Lexus car. He was dumbfounded.

Lolita was having a lively chat with a sophisticated-looking young man standing beside the car. Femi’s thoughts ran riot within him. He couldn’t believe his eyes, as his face glowed with anger.

“Chei, God!” he exclaimed. “So. Lolita is just faking and making a fool of me? Ah, women are the same. This is death!” That moment, Femi was sweating terribly. He just couldn’t believe such an unfaithful scenario could happen after all Lolita had pledged to him.

At the same time, Lolita sighted him some few metres away and was about calling him when he swiftly turned and started running like a wild dog.

“Wait! Wait! Femi, wait!” shouted Lolita, but Femi neither answered nor looked back. As he tried to cross the road, a speeding vehicle hit him and he fell down, with blood all over him. He was bleeding profusely from the waist, legs and arms. His head had some bruises, too.

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