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Should i follow my morals or my heart?



Am falling in love with my best friend and usually, that is a good thing. I mean, we trust each other with everything and we are so close. We get each other in a way no one else can.

But he has a girlfriend of three years and they are in a pretty serious, long distance, relationship. And I have no idea what to do. I know the right thing is to just ignore what I am feeling, so they can be happy.

I have never been in love before though and I feel like I cannot let it pass me without at least telling him.


We met last semester and we instantly just clicked. We became so close and it was so easy! Then, things began to change. They went on a break for about two months and, of course, we became even closer. We had sleepovers every once in awhile, but nothing ever happened; we just cuddled and talked most of the night.

Christmas break came and went and on my end, it was awful. I just had a lot of family drama and I realised I missed him so much when we talked on the phone a few times. And then, we were back at school and the sleepovers increased, even though they got back together.

I also saw someone for about two months, but I had to end it, because I was feeling so strongly for my best friend and I couldn’t stay with this other guy.

I have also turned down two other guys who were interested, because of my best friend. We got even closer because of an incident with him and my break up with this guy.

At this point, we had sleepovers whenever we could; basically whenever my roommate was gone for the weekend or his was gone. We would text all day, see each other for a few hours, then once we left, we would begin to text again.

And I have no idea what do. Everyone tells me, “Oh, he is totally in love with you, you need to tell him!” There are the people who say, “He is with her, get over him.”

I want to do the right thing, but I love him so much. What do I do? Do I choose to follow my morals or my heart?

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