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Special treats for dad this father’s day


Fathers are the unsung heroes of parenthood and while we have several mother’s day in a year, fathers are often overlooked and forgotten. A lot of us don’t even know there is Father’s Day, it is tomorrow.

Getting gifts for you mother to celebrate Mother’s Day might have been easy for you and now, you are feeling stuck on what to gift your father tomorrow. If you haven’t bought a special gift for your dad, it is not too late today to still make amends and cement your place in his life as his favourite child. Obviously, you can’t buy a father’s love, but you can at least show appreciation to that special man by getting the right gift to celebrate him. From gadgets to extensive pampering, here are some gift ideas to guide you as you make your choice.

Pampering/Spa Day
Spas were not made only for women. Your dad or husband needs some pampering as well to help him relax from the general stress of life. Dads are usually busy trying to provide and may forget to take care of themselves. Gifting him facials, pedicure and manicure will not tear your purse either, take him to the spa tomorrow and let him be pampered and spoilt. A day at the spa with extensive pampering might just be what he needs to unwind and unplug.


Buy him a nice piece of jewellery, could be a nice watch or bracelet or chain. Just get him something that would make him very happy. You know he deserves it, go ahead.

Customised Gifts
You know the man in your life best, so you may have an idea on what he truly likes. It’s always nice to gift your dad a special keepsake to remind him of your appreciation for him. Thankfully, these days, almost anything can be customized so get busy.

Need-Based Gifts
Has your dad been talking about something he would like to own, or would ease his burden, like a new phone, gadget or something? If there is something you know he absolutely needs, then nothing says I love you better than getting it for him. It shows you listen to him and you care. It is not about the size of the gift but how much he needs it at the time. Believe me, he would never forget it and cherish it for as long as he lives.

Dad and You Time Out
Does your dad work so hard that he never takes a day off? Take some time out of your busy day and take him out anywhere, take him to see a movie or simply shopping. You can also lodge him at a hotel for the weekend or send him on a mini-vacation. If you don’t want to go out, you can spend the day together. Play games with him, sit down with him and just talk of simple things and reminisce on times past. He will never forget this experience and cherish the memory.

Make A Video
This one costs next to nothing. Create a video of family and friends telling him what an incredible person he is and show it to him tomorrow. This will gladden his heart and something he would watch and cherish from time to time.

Mini Hamper
You can create a mini hamper in a box with all sorts of goodies, from Bluetooth headsets to xbox games to perfume to underwear, socks and so on. Put it all in basket and tie it up in a bow. It’s a gift any dad will appreciate.

An awesome idea would be to makeover the house. If you cannot makeover the entire house, pick his room or sitting room; change the furniture, put up a fresh coat of paint, redecorate his space. If he has a ‘man cave’, you can revamp it for him and put his favourite things there. There is no better gift than having him wake up in a room that brightens his day.

Give your dad the gift of your time and attention if you can’t give anything else. Our schedules these days rarely allow time for us to bond with our families and focus on what matters. This Father’s Day, visit your dad or invite him over for the weekend and treat him to some of your special meals. Pamper him and listen to him talk without interrupting. Get your kids (if you have any) to entertain him and show her that you truly love him. This is guaranteed to make him feel loved.If you are still stuck, gifting money is a good idea. Be generous to him with your time, attention and, of course, your money.


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