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Spike your interior with tall floor vases  


Beyond the trend, tall floor vases maybe that one-touch your space needs for that sparkling aesthetic you keep trying to put in place in your interior.
Aside from the fact that a single touch of a tall floor vase can automatically change the mood in your space, it bestows all other decors in your interior with outstanding aesthetic and unparalleled elegance.

These exquisite and versatile pieces can also be filled with complementing dried or artificial flowers.
Tall floor vases are so beautiful that they do not necessarily need flowers in them to give a spur to your space, just place them at a strategic section and the charms will endow your interior.
Why you need a tall floor vase in your space
• It creates a unique feature in the house.
• Tall floor vases can fill large empty spaces in a decorative manner.
• Tall floor vases better display your floral decorations.
• They cover the sofa or seating area with beauty and elegance.
• They also draw attention to other items in the room, such as furniture or paintings.
• It magnifies the beauty of flowers and leaves a lasting impression on people who admire them.
• Provides unique elegance that adds style and grace to your home.
Types of tall floor vases
Vases come in varieties of materials and craftsmanship, shapes, sizes and colours. So depending on your choice, the different types of vases allow you to personalise your space to your taste. Whether it glass tall floor vases, crystal, clay, beaded, metal, etc. what you get is a centrepiece.
Where to place your tall floor vases
It’s very simple – strategic empty spots and corners are your best bet. Floor vases can decorate empty corners, hallways, verandas, and floor space next to a wall unit or near a staircase.
However, whatever position you decide to place your floor vase, ensure to look at it from all angles of your space for the perfect effect.
How to choose floor vases for your space
. When choosing a floor vase, it’s best to choose a vase that complements your interior decors and colour scheme. Consider your wall colours as well as the colour of the furniture and accessories in your space before choosing your floor vase.

• Consider the status of your space before choosing a floor vase, as an intricate, antique vase would look out of place in a contemporary interior just as a simple vase might be understated in a sophisticated space.

• Consider allocated space before choosing the height and widths of a floor vase. While the width of the space is important, the ceiling height is another factor to consider. Floor vases can vary in height considerably, from around two-foot to over five-feet tall.

• Look at several floor vase shapes, considering which style will look best in the particular space the vase is going into. Tall floor vases come in rectangular designs, cylinder, fluted, teardrop shapes, etc.
How to add aesthetic to your floor vases
Despite being enough on their own, tall floor vases can be further glorified with aesthetics by filling with dried grass, branches, dried flowers, floral, reed etc. However, ensure that these added decorations are proportionate to the size of the vase.


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