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Stalking Nollywood’s beloved actress, Halima Abubakar


It was a moviegoer that inspired the search for the notable Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar. The fellow wanted to know what the actress, who is without a doubt, a recognisable face in Nollywood, was up to presently, since it seems she has taken the back seat in moviedom, perhaps because she doesn’t feature in movies regularly, as she did when she started out.

A brief search on social media and celebrity came up close and personal with the graduate of Sociology of the Bayero University and a native of Obangede in Kogi State. An Egbira lady by tribe, Halima, who was brought up in Kano, speaks Hausa fluently and can speak and write in her native tongue, Egbira.

Born under the star sign Gemini, with the qualities of being very strong-willed, Halima star of critically acclaimed Nollywood movies such as ‘Gangster paradise’, ‘Secret evil’, ‘The only daughter’, ‘Fake doctor’ made her debut in the movie by Ernest Obi tiled ‘Sabotage’. If Halima felt on top of the world featuring in ‘Sabotage,’ she probably felt she had reached cloud nine, when she was cast as a lead actor in ‘Gangster Paradise,’ a movie that was reputed to have sold in excess. Even Halima alluded that it was playing one of the five young girls of the underworld in that action thriller that shot her to limelight. Described by close friends as a happy person, but who could also be ‘aggressive’ and ‘very impatient,’ especially when she has to get a task done. In this interview, Halima spoke on a number of issues particularly what has been happening to the humble and cultured actress of many credits.


Being A Mother
BEING a mother has not been easy. I thank God for His grace. My son is glowing, to the glory of God and he is just super amazing. I really have not found it easy coping with being a mother and working as an entertainer. It comes with plenty headaches, sleepless nights and a lot of Gods Grace. But I am grateful to God and my family. His love for me is unequal and I do what I do with loads of family support, with the help of my staff and great people around me who have been able to help me navigate through life. Of course you know that our parents did more than this to raise us .Now am raising all.

Back To Location
I HAVE been working. You cannot believe that I was just meant to record today for Uche Elendu and I had to stay and be a mum and then reschedule the shoot. So I don’t miss anything because I still get scripts. I was just off for a year and even then I shot four movies. I can’t shoot 100 movies because I need the money. We all need sound health and mind too. I broke down in time past out of exhaustion. So I like to rest and do other things. But I am available for work anytime.

Movie Run
I HAVE lost count of the number of movies I have done. There is a lot I shot that I cannot remember. Don’t forget that I had to take a break from Nollywood for a few years, as I had to go complete my education. I recall that so many producers were harassing me and sending scripts to me and I had many scripts that I didn’t eventually shoot. I even had to travel to Asaba, Enugu and came back to Lagos at some point. So I have featured in a lot of movies. They are all my favourites and I have no best. But I love ‘Missing Child’, ‘Royal Battle’, ‘King and I’, ‘Mistresses’, ‘Miss Queen’, ‘Evil Within’, ‘Devil You Know’, ‘Ladies Men’, and some of my earlier movies like ‘Sabotage’, ‘Gangster Paradise’, ‘Secret Evil’, and ‘Sleeping With Enemies’. So I have been working and I have been combining with running my personal business, with being a producer and brands and humanitarian Ambassador. I have my own line of perfumes, jewelries and sport wears. I also own a farm in Lokoja, Kogi state. I think I have my hands filled and am grateful to God because He has done so much for me that I cannot count or list out.

Pains And Gains Of The Profession
WELL personally, I don’t regret anything because nothing is new under the sun. I have no regrets at all or pains as you called it. But I hate to say the nepotism in Nollywood is huge. So is tribalism and sexual harassment. It is the reason I went into producing to give others a chance. No one is a child anymore. To tell you how corrupt some people are in this industry, even knowing you are pregnant, you will find them making advances at you. You will hear something like ‘babe you look good o… far na’. It is that bad. I hate such kind of thing. I despise people that take advantage of people because of their positions. So that is the part of the bad side that I don’t like. The good part is when everyone comes together to create magic and to make a good movie. There is also too much division in the industry and too much hate and envy. It wont allow us grow as individuals and as an industry.


Beauty Routine
I DON’T have any special beauty routine. I am mindful of what I wear, what I apply on my skin and what I eat. I also love to look and appear good. You know I promote brands a lot, so I know they see what I wear. So I just love looking good. It is casual for me or not. I have won a Primark dress and slippers and equally worn top designers. For beauty, I love moisturizers and I drink loads of water and I eat well. I love my veggies and I love resting too.
Likes And Dislikes

I LOVE honest people. I know we all have our bad part but I you find me with people that are honest. Oh, I hate hypocrisy a lot. But I love people who just love life and are confident to realize that we can get successful together and not apart. I hate to live in a dog eat dog world. As for hobbies, I love reading. I am currently reading ‘The Millionaire Mind’. I also love the sea and I hate shopping. But I definitely love the sea

Mr. Right And Career Ambition
I WILL keep that private. You see, I had to post a picture or two of my baby on social media if not I really would not because I like my privacy. So my private life is still private. No one cares and I don’t like over sharing. So it remains private. As for career ambition, it is to expand my brand in every angle, engage in humanitarian activities and to continue to be the best in my chosen career and business.


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