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Stella Monye seeks 35 million for son’s 17 years of pain and misery


For the famed Oko Mi crooner, Stella Monye, life in recent time has been like a fish out of water, as she gasp every second. Sometimes, she wondered how she is still standing while miserably searching her pathways to life with her only son, Ibrahim.

“I do not know where life will lead me to, next minute, with him. I know what I have seen, but I do not know how life would soothe and console me. His unfortunate circumstance continues to consume our life. Getting him well and free from pain is my mission. It seems a long road, distanced and murky life for us,” she told Azuka Jebose, a former Entertainment Editor with The Punch Newspaper.

According to her, “I begin my day at sunrise with tears of sorrow and end at sunset, with prayers for my daily grief, a single mother whose handsome and only son has been in pain the past 17 years of his 27 years on planet earth.” 


For her a freak accident of a goodhearted child has become a pathetic burden and songs of sorrow. Though Nigerians see her sing at events and concerts, and her name is all over the media, while songs are heard on radio and other media outlets but what they do not know is the heartaches of a dear mother that frequent hospitals every week to save her son, keep him alive as she pray for his healing. 

“Azuka Jebose, my heart bleeds; my salty tears flow endlessly on my face, these tears rage every day, they are my river of pain. I am physically suffering due to Ibrahim’s condition. No mother should to go through my agony with her child. You do not wish that on any mother, not even a wicked witch. 

“Each morning, I clean my son’s opened stomach. Every week, we go into the hospital because of infections to his injuries, opened stomach and for his kidney dialyses. His urethra is damaged. This process has caused him kidney disease. Ibrahim lives with tubes inserted in his lower abdomen,” she explained.

According her, Ibrahim’s lower abdomen has been slashed open for two years, and a tube is connected to his bladder to help him discharge his bodily fluids. He had got into an accident at age 10, while trying to help one of his friends’ fetched water from their compound’s tap that was attached to a water tank in the yard.

“His friend had complained to him as they walked home from lesson that there was no water at their home, and he had not taken bath in days. Inside their compound was a water tanker, barricaded by fences with sharp edged irons for security. The child pointed toward the water tank as he complained that he needed water from the tank to shower for the day, but couldn’t climb over the fence to turn the tap.

“Ibrahim volunteered to climb over the fence to open the tap, allowing water to gush. As he climbed the fence, he fell; his scrotum got caught by the sharp iron on top of the fence. It penetrated his scrotum, tore flesh of the scrotum as it pinched deep, painfully inside his urethra.

He was trapped; crying, blood oozing from his scrotum and staining the fence. His screams attracted passersby and other neighbours who rushed to help him from the sharp objects. His scrotum had been badly and deeply slashed,” Stella stated as she narrates the incident that brought her pain and tears for 17 years. 

So far, the sum of N16.1 million have been raised out of the N35Million to pay for reconstructive surgery of her only son, Ibrahim.

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